As you all know it is estimated by the CBO that Obamacare is going to cost at least twice as much as Obama claimed and that it will cause three to five million people to lose their employer-provided health insurance.
Where is the demand from the media on why his “GREEN ENERGY” plans are going bust?
With 1.9 million people with fewer jobs why isn’t this being raised?
The ever increasing debit which is now around 8.7% of our GDP. But yet they go to their fall back plan and try to blame Bush, even though we’re running the biggest deficit in history.
And then there’s the Gabby Gifford shooting, and the blame is placed at the feet of the tea party and that it was her biggest enemy.
The incorrect coverage of the Trayton Martin shooting—terrible in itself, but shouldn’t all the facts be presented. Zimmerman all the sudden a Latino is not called “white”?
Then we have the Black Panthers “wanted Dead or Alive” on Zimmerman—where’s Holder.
Where’s the reporting when a black kills a white person, where’s Sharpton and Jackson?
When is Obama going to speak out against the violence of the occupiers and the damage they are doing. Why aren’t the Occupiers at the Capital protesting where it starts?
Why are people saying that opposition to the Health Care Bill is getting scary, and reminds them of the climate before the Oklahoma City bombing.
Why isn’t the media questioning whether Obamacare is constitutional.
Why are we allowing the government to take over private businesses and telling us what we can and cannot eat and drink.
The media agenda is no longer reporting; it is covering up Obama’s failures.
Whether you agree or not, you should at least ask yourself why on several of the above issues.



These are just a few examples of how the government is spending our money, our tax dollars and the major media continues to stick its head in the sand.
Forget that the GSA just blew $822,000.00 on a meeting paid for by us. Or the state department that spent $36,000.00 for 14 flat screen TV’s, double the cost of retail. Or Chester County, PA were widening route 202 couldn’t get approval so they instead spent $7.1 million on new curbs. Or a N.C. town who used stimulus funds to hire an administrator whose entire job was to procure more stimulus funds.
The following is a quick recap by states of some of the outrages spending that has taken place. Remember it’s your money!
Alaska $15m construct airport —population 165—@13.9m to replace airport-660 people.
Washington $554k collect lost crab pots.
Oregon $7m to hire foreign workers to clean up forest.
Nevada $2m build new fire station with no money to pay firefighters.
Utah $1m to give 1600 ipods to HS students.
Arizona $2.8m restore tortoise habitat—14 miles of fencing
Colorado $200m for national renewable energy lab then axed 10% of its jobs.
Montana $15m for a Canadian crossing that handles two cars a day.
Wyoming $587k gather volcanic ash samples in Argentina.
Oklahoma $1.8m river cruise boat—12 passengers per ride
Texas $121.9m Pyron wind farm, which was already completed.
N. Dakota $2m project to save 100k in energy cost while spending $27m+.
Nebr. $7m new bridge over train tracks in a city of 168
S. Dakota $1.7m lighting upgrades created 0.37 of a job Rapid City const co
Iowa $17.4m expand broadband access in Protivin population 317
Minnesota $6m Duluth snowmaking facility
Illinois $700k create joke telling computer program
Arkansas $2.5m bridge for Clinton Library
Missouri $107m wind farm owned by tom Carnahan brother of Russ
Indiana 118.5m Ener 1 electric car battery maker—bankruptcy
Michigan $1.5m decorative sidewalks at a Detroit casino
Ohio $11m PARAGO inc provide rebates to buy energy efficient appliances work outsourced to El Salvador
Alabama $6m eliminate cogongrass weed
Louisiana $36m airport terminal with defective loading bridges
New York $61.8m Canandaiqua wind forum already completed
Pennsylvania $9.4m Elizabethtown train station building vacant over 30 years
W. Virginia $2m airport with 12 passengers daily—obama family destination
Tennessee $69m weatherization program that raised energy bills in 1 in 5 homes shoddy work
Florida $13.3m restore dry Tortugas Nat’l park one of the least visited in the US
New Jersey $5.8m 380 foot tall, 100 decibel wind turbine just 1080’ from homes
Maine $53m renovate Bangor fed courthouse, but a new building would have cost $40m
Massachusetts $43m federal loan guarantee Beacon power—bankrupt Oct 2011
Connecticut $54m to Mohegan tribe to 2009 the year it grossed $1.3b
Kentucky $24m to firms owned by L Lawson indicted for bribing KY’s transportation sect
Maryland $18m Smartronix redesign recovery gov website
N. Carolina $39m Cree Inc which then opened LED chip facility in China




60% of the Bush tax cuts went to the middle class.
We have 52,696 TSA agents in our 446 airports and the body scanners are only used around 5% of the time.
The new French minister is saying that the government will dictate to its companies the number of employees they will have. They are on a 35-hour workweek.
The US government owns 27% of GM.
Government regulations cost us over $1.8 trillion a year. There are 10 a day being added.
Our dividends tax the first of the year is going to go from 15% to 39.6%.
Cap gains tax will go from 15% to 20%.
Toyota will pass GM in sales this year. (Even after the 49.5 billion bailout)
SEIU is complaining that their 401k’s are too risky for their workers.
Utah is getting drilling permits by the government.
OBAMA 209-11—19,300
IN MINING—BUSH—8,300—-OBAMA –4,300
DRILLING PERMITS BUSH 2008—-6617, OBAMA 2011—4244
Oil production on federal lands 2008—14.5 million acre’s, 2011 12.3 million acre’s.
Total acre’s—-2008—-47.2 million—–2011 38.5 million.
230,000 are losing unemployment benefits this month. 6 million still on them.
Krueger—obama advisor—“extended unemployment not good situation”.
There is going to be a $127.00 health care rebate check issue before the election—mandated by the fed’s—there however was no mention of the premium increases due to Obamacare
$439 million in BONUSES being given out to government workers—last year. More that a 100 got more that $40,000. Re the GSA fed salaries average $76,374.00 versus private average of $51,986.00.
American airlines and Hostess are in bankruptcy and the unions are refusing to negotiate
Only 27 states used the stimulus money as intended, the rest used them to shore up their budgets.
Exxon hit for excessive profits while no mention of the profits of Apple and Face book.
Did you know for the last 47 weeks the unemployment numbers have been revised upward each time?
We are experiencing the 30 worst months of employment in the last 25 years—8+% unemployment for 39 straight months.
Obama has made the claim he is spending less that any other President, he failed to mention that he omitted the 2009 spending he did. Like auto bailouts, cash for clunkers, mortgage modification etc.—-PLUS THE $5 TRILLION IN DEBT
HEAR ABOUT THE $4 BILLION IN TAX CREDITS GIVEN TO ILLEGALS FOR THEIR CHILDREN, THEY HAVE CALIMED NIECES, NEPHEWS AND ONE EVEN CLAIMED 20 KIDS. They did not even have to give a social security number either. And guess who blocked a vote on ending this practice—REID. —Reid “its no big deal”.
Congresswomen pushing for equal pay for their staffs. It was found that many who are requesting this are paying their male workers more already. Only 5% on the new hires since 2009 have been women.

Source Fox Saturday morning financial shows



Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey support the Law of the Sea Treaty, a world agreement governing transit over the oceans as well as use of resources in the deep sea beds and continental shelf. Over 160 nations have signed on to the treaty, but Ronald Reagan set the trend of objecting in 1984.
A remaining provision would collect a royalty on oil and gas production and other activities taking place on our own continental shelf, redistributing the funds with a preference for underdeveloped and landlocked countries. Critics also say the treaty would open the U.S. up to international lawsuits and potentially force the U.S. to comply with carbon emissions regulations like those the nation already rejected in the Kyoto Protocol.
“Every year that goes by without the U.S. joining the convention results in deepening our country’s submission to ocean laws and practices determined by foreign government without U.S. input,” that is increasingly dominated by foreign decision-making.
The administration wants to use this treaty as a way to get America into a regime relating to carbon since it’s been unsuccessful in doing so domestically,”
With Inhofe calculating the royalties collected by the international authority the treaty set up would amount to billions of dollars per year, and DeMint objecting to the agreement that it would give nations hostile to our interests veto and decision-making authority over us. “When we enter into an agreement with other nations that don’t play by the rules, we put ourselves at a disadvantage,” DeMint said.

Human Events reported April 17 that Obama’s ambitious plan would put Washington bureaucrats in charge of oceans off the U.S. shore, and with it control over much of the nation’s fisheries and recreation.
Human Events reported April 17 that Obama’s ambitious plan would put Washington bureaucrats in charge of oceans off the U.S. shore, and with it control over much of the nation’s fisheries and recreation.
Obama is trying to implement the plan through an executive order, but Republicans have vowed to block it from moving forward by stripping the necessary funding. “The National Ocean Policy was formed without congressional authority and would be run by unaccountable and unelected Washington bureaucrats,”
Leon Panetta advanced another tenet of a far-left military agenda Wednesday when he appeared at a forum to push for ratification of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty.
The treaty would create an international regime of law to dictate actions and activities on and in the oceans. In addition to creating new environmental regulations, it would tax U.S. mining of the ocean floor, and could compromise the nation’s maritime security.
“This authority would basically be an aquatic United Nations of the sea (indeed, Law of the Sea Treaty is a U.N. convention). This authority would have the actual power to thwart American interests.”

The treaty would empower environmental activists to bring action against the U.S. for violating the Kyoto Protocol, though the Senate never ratified that accord.
Panetta has thrown his weight behind the proposal. “The time has come for the United States to have a seat at the table. “It is the bedrock legal instrument underpinning public order across the maritime domain..” Panetta argued that the U.S. was the only industrialized country in the world that has not approved the treaty, and that it would be a boon for American industries who dealt with offshore American resources. To date, 161 countries have approved the treaty. He also said the treaty would be an asset to national defense, embracing a view of the U.S. as dependent on other nations for safety and security.
Modernizing our network of defense and innovative security partnerships—the kind that we have at NATO, the kind that we have elsewhere, different parts of the world—to try to develop those partnerships so that we can support a rules-based international order that promotes stability, that promotes security, and that promotes safety.”

The House voted to strip funding for President Barack Obama’s new ocean zoning policy to effectively block the contentious plan from moving forward and is now part of a larger bill that will fund the Commerce and Justice Departments for the 2013 fiscal year.
The Constitution requires a two-thirds majority for accession to treaties, which means that 14 Republicans would have to join all Senate Democrats and Independents in voting “aye.”



House Republicans investigating the collapse of Solyndra are now examining other green energy companies to determine if their government-backed loans were risky gambles that were granted because of political influence with the White House. The panel questioned top executives from Abound, First Solar, Nevada Geothermal, and BrightSource, which were awarded a combined $5 billion in loan guarantees from the Energy Department — one-third of the entire loan guarantee portfolio. Jordan produced emails that he says shows a direct link between the White House and BrightSource, which received $1.6 billion in loan guarantees. In one email, BrightSource CEO John Woolard, told a top Energy Department official there had been direct discussions with “Obama about the program’s challenges.”
One month after that email was sent, BrightSource received conditional approval of the loan. BrightSource Chairman John Bryson, who now serves as Obama’s Commerce secretary, to White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley.
Michael Ahearn, chairman of First Solar, about 700,000 stocks he sold just days after getting the loan approved by the government. The company has laid off 30 percent of its worker force, and while its stock was trading at $300 in 2008, it was selling for $14.35 last week.
Its “absolutely abysmal” that taxpayers were asked to funnel money into the company while Ahearn sold his own stock, in essence “voting with your feet.”
The panel also questioned a representative from Abound, which despite receiving a $400 million loan guarantee, let go 180 employees earlier this year.

One of the President’s notable achievements was inspiring Ahearn to sell over $450 million of his own company’s stock between 2008 and 2012, a period when First Solar’s stock value dropped by almost 95 percent. Ahearn and his broker, the President – which means you – subsidized a billion-dollar Department of Energy loan to First Solar. A couple of days later, Ahearn celebrated by selling another 700,000 shares of his own First Solar stock, raking in a cool $68.5 million. Despite all these taxpayer loans, which actually total up to nearly $3 billion, First Solar has laid of 30 percent of its workforce.



From debilitating cuts in defense budgets, to gutting national missile defense efforts, to his unwillingness to acknowledge a continuing war against terrorism, to his inability to stem the nuclear proliferation threats posed by North Korea and Iran.

For example, the $825 billion stimulus bill, proposed, lobbied for, signed and spent by Obama, goes in … Bush’s column. He includes only the $140 billion of stimulus money spent after Oct. 1, 2009, as Obama’s spending. On what possible theory would that be Bush’s spending? Hey — we just found out that Obamacare’s going to cost triple the estimate.
But Obama didn’t come in and live with the budget Bush had approved. He immediately signed off on enormous spending programs that had been specifically rejected by Bush. This included a $410 billion spending bill that Bush had refused to sign before he left office. Obama signed it on March 10, 2009. Obama also spent the second half of the Troubled Asset Relief Fund (TARP). By Oct. 1, Obama had spent another $200 billion in TARP money. Such as the $40 billion child health care bill, which extended coverage to immigrants as well as millions of additional Americans.

Micro-Unions: The NLRB’s war on business escalates: A story from our sister site RedState: “Simply put, the NLRB now allows small, distinct groups of employees to unionize within a workplace, even if the vast majority of employees working around the small group don’t want to unionize. Further, under the NLRB’s new, micro-union concept.

What did Obama promise.
His promise to “build a strong middle class,” the average household’s annual income has dropped by $4,300 during his administration. Contrary to his pledge to lift “2 million Americans from poverty,” 14.3 million more Americans are on Food Stamps than when Obama took office.
“The five greatest threats to our country, and the government these documents define, are mass-casualty terrorism, subversion of the Constitution, the unsustainable growth in entitlement spending, the constriction of U.S. economic growth and global mobility, and our own lack of strategic vision.”
· Obama promised to cut the deficit in half in four years; instead, this year’s deficit ($1.3 trillion) will be five times the Congressional Budget Office’s projection ($264 billion, including the Bush bail-outs).
He projected robust economic growth of 5.23 percent last year; according to the Federal Reserve, actual growth was a dismal 1.61 percent.
That the unemployment rate would be down to 6 percent by now.
officially “unemployed” makes 18.8 million Americans without work. Adding them to the 153-million-person labor force totals 173 million people, of whom more than 10 percent are involuntarily out of work.

Obama promised in 2009 that his “stimulus” would “create or save 3.5 million jobs over the next two years”; in reality, it had a negligible impact: according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, after two years, more than 3 million fewer Americans were employed.
To raise the real earnings but they have actually fallen by $10 a week under Obama.
Thanks to his “green energy” subsidies — we wouldn’t be “talking about high fuel prices next summer or the next summer after that or the summer after that”; in March he doubled down, adding that this boondoggle will save a typical family “about $8,000 a year” on gasoline. In reality, the average U.S. household spent more than $368 a month on gas last year, more than double what they were paying back when Obama took the oath of office.
Contrary to his promise to “build a strong middle class,” the average household’s annual income has dropped by $4,300 during his administration. Contrary to his pledge to lift “2 million Americans from poverty,” 14.3 million more Americans are on Food Stamps than when Obama took office.

9th Circuit Court plans expensive retreat to Hawaii conference.
Although government funds cannot pay for the recreational or sporting activities, the cost of a similar judicial gathering held two years ago in Hawaii cost taxpayers $1.5 million.
Jjudicial web site makes clear that government funds are not to be used for any recreational or sporting activities, and that court-related matters will be substantively considered, a business trip to discuss the means of improving the administration of justice,” Rooms at a cost of up to $250 a night.
“We are concerned about the overall cost of this conference and do not believe that discussions about the administration of justice would be less successful were they held somewhere other than a spa and resort in Hawaii,” the lawmakers The Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference will be held “for the purpose of considering the business of the courts and advising means of improving the administration of justice within the circuit,” said. Attendees are by invitation only and include judges from the federal district and bankruptcy courts in nine western states and two Pacific island territories; representatives of the federal bar practicing in these courts; court staff; and “special guests.”
“It’s especially tone-deaf to plan a pricey conference after the GSA debacle,” “How can anyone in Washington ask for more taxes when this culture of excess continues?

Big lies in Politics.
When the people want the impossible, only liars can satisfy them, and only in the short run. The current outbreaks of riots in Europe show what happens when the truth catches up with both the politicians and the people in the long run.
Among the biggest lies of the welfare states that the government can supply the people with things they want but cannot afford. Since the government gets its resources from the people, if the people as a whole cannot afford something, neither can the government.
The perennial fallacy that the government can simply raise taxes on “the rich” and use that additional revenue to pay for things that most people cannot afford.
Nothing is easier for a politician than promising government benefits that cannot be delivered. This is another growing problem that can be left for someone else to try to cope with in future years.



Leon Panetta is pushing for senate approval of the Law of the Sea treaty, which is essential to preserve the Navy’s rigth to conduct exercise in waters near China and to enhance U.S. claims in the artic and elsewhere.
Conservatives are arguing it gives too much power to international organizations over mineral rights mainly oil.
The Law of the Sea Treaty sets out international rules for maritime navigation, territorial waters and countries use of offshore areas as exclusive economic zones. There are concerns about its miming provisions.
Oil companies eager to explore the arctic for energy reserves are among business interest backing the push to ratify the treaty, arguing it would provide legal certainly for American corporations.
Panetta will argue that ratifying the treaty would help ensure the U.S. has freedom of navigation in the worlds oceans at a time when a new defense strategy acknowledges America’s return to its maritime roots.
China has long argued that it can limit military activities within its exclusive economic zone, which extends 200 nautical miles form the shoreline.
U.S. argues the treaty is clear that there is no restriction on military use of areas outside country’s territorial waters, which extend 12 nautical miles form shore.
We would ensure that our rights are not whittled away by the excessive claims and erroneous interpretations of others.
If the US ratified the treaty it would be able to counter Chinas view of the treaty over a negotiating table, rather than through a series of maritime confrontations.
Some conservatives argue that it would inevitably allow an international body to send oil and gas royalties’ form wells on America’s continental shelf to others nations. Heritage Foundation makes little sense and that Chinas view of the treaty is an outlier.
What would the US joining the treaty have anything to do with China changing is position. The thought that the US entering the treaty will change the behaviors of these bad actors is complete silliness.

Julian Barnes