These are just a few examples of how the government is spending our money, our tax dollars and the major media continues to stick its head in the sand.
Forget that the GSA just blew $822,000.00 on a meeting paid for by us. Or the state department that spent $36,000.00 for 14 flat screen TV’s, double the cost of retail. Or Chester County, PA were widening route 202 couldn’t get approval so they instead spent $7.1 million on new curbs. Or a N.C. town who used stimulus funds to hire an administrator whose entire job was to procure more stimulus funds.
The following is a quick recap by states of some of the outrages spending that has taken place. Remember it’s your money!
Alaska $15m construct airport —population 165—@13.9m to replace airport-660 people.
Washington $554k collect lost crab pots.
Oregon $7m to hire foreign workers to clean up forest.
Nevada $2m build new fire station with no money to pay firefighters.
Utah $1m to give 1600 ipods to HS students.
Arizona $2.8m restore tortoise habitat—14 miles of fencing
Colorado $200m for national renewable energy lab then axed 10% of its jobs.
Montana $15m for a Canadian crossing that handles two cars a day.
Wyoming $587k gather volcanic ash samples in Argentina.
Oklahoma $1.8m river cruise boat—12 passengers per ride
Texas $121.9m Pyron wind farm, which was already completed.
N. Dakota $2m project to save 100k in energy cost while spending $27m+.
Nebr. $7m new bridge over train tracks in a city of 168
S. Dakota $1.7m lighting upgrades created 0.37 of a job Rapid City const co
Iowa $17.4m expand broadband access in Protivin population 317
Minnesota $6m Duluth snowmaking facility
Illinois $700k create joke telling computer program
Arkansas $2.5m bridge for Clinton Library
Missouri $107m wind farm owned by tom Carnahan brother of Russ
Indiana 118.5m Ener 1 electric car battery maker—bankruptcy
Michigan $1.5m decorative sidewalks at a Detroit casino
Ohio $11m PARAGO inc provide rebates to buy energy efficient appliances work outsourced to El Salvador
Alabama $6m eliminate cogongrass weed
Louisiana $36m airport terminal with defective loading bridges
New York $61.8m Canandaiqua wind forum already completed
Pennsylvania $9.4m Elizabethtown train station building vacant over 30 years
W. Virginia $2m airport with 12 passengers daily—obama family destination
Tennessee $69m weatherization program that raised energy bills in 1 in 5 homes shoddy work
Florida $13.3m restore dry Tortugas Nat’l park one of the least visited in the US
New Jersey $5.8m 380 foot tall, 100 decibel wind turbine just 1080’ from homes
Maine $53m renovate Bangor fed courthouse, but a new building would have cost $40m
Massachusetts $43m federal loan guarantee Beacon power—bankrupt Oct 2011
Connecticut $54m to Mohegan tribe to 2009 the year it grossed $1.3b
Kentucky $24m to firms owned by L Lawson indicted for bribing KY’s transportation sect
Maryland $18m Smartronix redesign recovery gov website
N. Carolina $39m Cree Inc which then opened LED chip facility in China




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