Obama is actually handing out our tax dollars to pay for Foreced abortions!
We also send millions and millions of dollars to China to subsidize their horrific one-child policy, by way of the so-called United Nations Population Fund.
You’d think that with all of the public outcry about the Chinese activist, Chen Guangcheng, being in the news we would hear more about China’s grossly inhumane policy.
Instead, ABC, NBC, CBS and other mainstream news outlets have avoided the issue like the plague.
Because talking about the ills of abortion might bring to light that the abortion industry in America would like to steer us ever closer to China’s abhorrent policy. . .
Obama showered the UNFPA with $55 million dollars of our tax money.
And his most recent budget inked in $47 million of our already stretched tax dollars to go to forced Chinese abortions.
The House of Representatives passing the Pence Amendment that would cut off all federal funding of abortion.
Harry Reid and his pro-abortion cronies running the Senate have stonewalled pro-life efforts to stop taxpayer funding of abortion.


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