The curse of a golden tongue

He says some of my best friends are Jews. Obama is afflicted with golden tongue disease (croesus tungitus, in the medical dictionaries), common to those with an eloquent tongue, particularly if the tongue is forked and bleeds around the edges. The tongue is sometimes set off and running before the brain is fully engaged.
First he offended the Polish government with a reference to “Polish death camps” instead of saying “Nazi death camps in Poland,” and then he offended facts, reality and 20 American Conservative rabbis with his assertions that he is, too, a good friend of Israel, because he knows more about Judaism than any president before him, and besides, some of his best friends are Jews.
Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper, reported that Mr. Obama boasted to the assembled rabbis that he knows “more about Judaism” because he reads a lot, talks a lot and even, sometimes, listens a lot. When you’re sitting around with your pals from the old community-organizing days in Chicago, the lights dim and the second or third bottle of wine lending a mellow tone to the evening, the conversation will naturally turn to theology, and to Moses and Lot, Jeremiah, Joshua, Nehemiah, Micah, Isaiah and all those old dead Jewish guys. Mr. Obama no doubt learned all this at his Muslim school in Indonesia, and when he got to Chicago he heard a lot of Jewish stuff from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
Obama and the Democrats just can’t resist talking about religion in this campaign, using it to divide us, and we haven’t even got to the Mormons yet.
Source: wes purden


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