With Obama’s recent executive action (not executive order) per Janet Napolitano, the American youth of this country were just ignored and pushed to the back of the line by this administration.
By granting what I call amnesty to over 800,000 illegals in this country allowing them the path to the front of line. I still can’t seem to understand what the term “illegal” means and why there are any consideration it given to people who are breaking our laws.
What the President has done allows them to ahead of American teenagers who are having trouble finding employment. Where is the outcry from the SEIU and other unions?
Why are these illegals being given special treatment? Isn’t this just re-enforcing to them that it is ok to break United States Laws, as the government will do nothing about it, under the hope of more votes.
Is this just another version of the “Dream Act” with a different name?
Why didn’t Obama pass this is in his first two years when he had control of both Houses?
According to reports 3 of 10, 16-19 year olds in the US can’t find jobs. This is now the largest percentage for this age group.
Who is our government in favor of, the American citizen or illegals?
How many of this 800,000 have started the process of formally becoming a US citizen or are they going to continue to reap the benefits and remain an “illegal”?


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