After three plus years in office the our President has broken a lot of promises he made before the election. Don’t get me wrong he has had the help of some very second-rate politicians who have aided him, note I did not mention a party—dual ownership there.
Just what have we seen in this time period that to an old man are all highly depressing as to the future of my grandchildren.
Ten commandments out of public offices, prayer out of the schools, EPA spitting out regulations like they were popcorn, remove a cross in the middle of the desert, tell border agents not to engage illegals coming across the borders, and don’t ask them for an ID if you stop them. Still no budget, out of control spending, record deficits, tort reform not mentioned, global warming hoax, what I can eat, increasing my taxes via Health care and the Bush cuts expiring, fight in place of compromise. Muslim brotherhood taking over the Middle East. An apology tour by our president, tax cheats working for the government, passing bill they haven’t even read, czar after czar, bailouts, and union pension relief. Green energy failed bailouts and more coming, fast and furious, Freddie and Fannie. Whatever you say is now racist, foreign affairs (Iran, N Korea, Israel, Syria, Egypt and many more). Black versus white, rich versus poor.
Letting an organization like the UN dictate to us, oil drilling limited but $2 billion given to Brazil to drill? Earmarks, transparency, review bills, line-by-line review of spending. Increased dependency on the government, foreign aid, tax the rich, spend spend spend.

Just tell me, please, how this country is going to survive when we continue to do the above things, as they have become common everyday occurrences. Did we elect leaders or cash registers?


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