As a life long conservative, I’m ready to throw in the towel! After decades of watching the apparently “smarter” liberals make hay at the expense of the Republican base, who talk a good game but always seem to back down and give in those “across the aisle”.
When republicans are caught in any supposed wrongdoing they just automatically resign instead of fighting the charges as done by the Dems. They put forth no effort to depend their alleged actions. They talk the talk but seem not to be able to walk the walk and have accomplished very little. With control of the house since the 2010 election what are the results? My fellow conservatives we have a President who claims transparency but continually goes around the constitution to get what he wants. What have the republicans reversed?
Look at the messes the republicans should be attacking—“Fast and Furious” (not letting it drag on for months and months), what have they done about the 10 a day new regulations being put into place without discussions, (he has done more of these in his first 3+ years, and is five times more than Bush did in his first 3 years). And what about those money making “Green Energy” loans?
The only bright spot I see for the conservative movement is the American hard working and dedicated people of the Tea Party, as without them the Republicans would be sitting on their hands.
Wouldn’t it nice if these so-called politicians (both parties) in D.C. would get on the band wagon, listen to the American people and learn what we actually want and maybe, just maybe get something done for the good of all. Both parties have been an absolute failure in serving the American people. How would you react to both parties actually sitting down and working things out instead of going on TV and continually saying “I’m going to “FIGHT” for you?


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