Does our president really care about the people of the USA? The price of gasoline has double under his watch for whatever reason, and he seems not to care. Does he have an open mind on drilling? Has he been Pre-Programmed since before college with an agenda to take the positions and actions he has? Has his past associations with the likes of Frank Marshall Davis, Ayers, Farrakhan, Wright, Cloward, Piven, Khalidi, Stern, Trumka, Dunn and Ogletree had an influence on him?

Has the tutoring of Soros, Al-Manour, Axlerod, Acorn, SEIU, UAW, Jarrett and Wright had his direction pre-determined? Have the teachings of Alinsky, Mao so influenced this man that he has lost sight of how great American was and still is?

Is he wanting to be another Chavez, Putin, or Castro? Does his control of the major media keep him sheltered? What was his thinking on doing that apology tour? Why do we continue to ship oil overseas as our price at the pump continues its upward spiral? Why doesn’t he acknowledge that the drilling is on private land under permits issued by Bush and Clinton? Wouldn’t it better to keep the oil here and not import it and therefore tell OPEC we don’t need you any longer? Statements from the Cabinet member Chu and his opinion on the price of gas, when he doesn’t even own a car! I will bet Obama will approve the completion of the Keystone pipeline before the election.

Does he really have Israel’s back?

Then there’s the bailout and billions given to control private industry. The Gm’s, the banks etc. His backing of green energy instead of letting private enterprise do what it does best for decades, innovate and develop. Why hasn’t there been a budget in over 3 years? Is he for capitalism or socialism, private sector or government run? How far can he go with his entitlement programs? They didn’t work in Europe so how are they going to work here?

His highly thought of health care plan to save health care why then did he issue thousands of waivers allowing companies to opt out. If it is such a good deal why isn’t the politicians on it? Why has the CBO said the cost he forecasted at $900 billion is now going to be at least $1.8 trillion?

Do you like the way he is trying to divide the nation, between the “Haves and Have Not’s”. I cannot see my grandchildren having the great life this country has given us. Why is Agenda 21 being kept so quite?

I know these are all negative opinions and I pray to God that I am wrong and we will return to the Greatest Nation on earth and regain our World Class Leader status.


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