Called the third leg of the stool that keeps the left propped up in our politics, is the systematic indoctrination of our children in the public and private schools of America.
Also it can be called “useful idiots are using our schools to subvert American exceptionalism”.

The left is attempting to ban Christianity and Judaism form the consciousness of our kids. They are using an inaccurate rewrite of American history taught in our schools. We are the aggressor; America is not an exceptional nation, unless it be exceptionally guilty of crimes against humanity! In the world of our schools, America democracy is a fraud and our free enterprise system is a monopolistic conspiracy to hold down the poor.

From economic Marxism to “cultural Marxism”, replacing the theory of class warfare with a cultural war, which pits revisionism against our best values and traditions. It mocks the motto E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one) and emphasizes division, conflict and competing interests. Seven and eight year olds are taught to embrace an atheistic, leftist philosophy virtually from the moment they enter school. Worse of all we are paying for this indoctrination with our tax dollars and how we are being denied the option of finding a school (Vouchers) that suits our values by the public school monopoly.



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