The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s over the weekend condemned a U.S. State Department statement that said Washington was closely monitoring territorial disputes in the South China Sea. China Sea has become Asia’s worst potential military flashpoint. Beijing has said its disputes with Vietnam, the Philippines and other southeast Asian claimants should be settled one-on-one, and it has bristled at U.S. backing for a multilateral approach to solving the overlapping claims. “We are entirely entitled to shout at the United States, ‘Shut up’. How can meddling by other countries be tolerated in matters that are within the scope of Chinese sovereignty?” Said a commentary in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily.
The newspaper was equally harsh, and accused Washington of seeking to open up divisions between China and its Asian neighbors. “Fanning the flames and provoking division, deliberately creating antagonism with China. The People’s Daily said China’s “core interests” were at stake in its territorial claims across the South China Sea.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang also repeated that China had absolute sovereignty over much of the sea and its myriad islands, and had every right to set up a city for the region, which it did last month.
Hillary Clinton tried to stand fast and use diplomacy to resolve claims over territorial waters in the South China Sea. China has insisted that it had “indisputable sovereignty” over islands that are claimed by Vietnam to the Scarborough Shoal near the Philippines. They include islands near Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan. Secretary Clinton urged these three nations to collectively negotiate with the Chinese regarding territorial waters.
They felt they can intimate them into surrounding territorial claims without much attention. In an angry response, the Chinese delivered a message to the United States that amounted to “Shut Up!”
China maintains that its claims to the islands of the South China Sea are ancient and were reaffirmed by China’s 1947 claim, which wasn’t disputed. The traditional boundary that China claims in the South China Sea exists in theory only. After the discovery of oil in the region, the Dragon knew it had to reclaim all of South China Sea.
China needs oil and lots of it. They need it for their military and their factories so they can continue to manufacture cheap parts that are too expensive to make anywhere else.
The South China Sea has an estimated 17.7 billion tons of crude oil, and China is expanding its presence in the region to claim exclusive rights to any oil found. China needs to have total control of the sea lanes in the region to insure she gets the energy needed to be a superpower. They have a permanent position on the UN Security Council, they are no longer afraid of Russia, and they own a good portion of America’s debt. So what does Hillary Clinton do when the Chinese tell her to shut up? She shuts up.
Sources: daily telegraph, people’s daily, reuters, jim ermerson, kcoachccoach


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