Why does President Obama despise Christianity? Recently, his administration ruled most religious organizations must provide health insurance to employees that covers free contraception and sterilization procedures — including the morning-after pill.
They rightly understood that the contraceptive mandate violates religious freedom and the conscience rights of the Catholic Church.
Instead of paying directly for free birth control, their health insurers must offer those services to all employees. Yet, it is a distinction without a difference. Birth control is not free; someone must pay for it. In this case, the religious institutions will have to pay the insurance companies higher premiums to provide universal birth control. Rather than subsidizing contraception directly, the church is simply being compelled to redirect the funds to a third party. The Obama accommodation is nothing more than an accounting gimmick.
He seeks to destroy Judeo-Christian civilization.
From its inception, Marxism has been in a life-death struggle with Christianity. “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” Karl Marx said. For Marx, secular enlightenment and personal liberation could only be achieved if the “primitive superstitions” of Christian dogma were swept into the dustbin of history. Marxists have understood one seminal truth: Destroy a religion and you destroy the culture and civilization it spawned. This is why modern liberals relentlessly advance the sexual revolution characterized by individual gratification, abortion on demand and birth control. Sexual permissiveness — the godless libertine society.
Vladimir Lenin, deliberately promoted open marriage, abortion, birth control and militant secularism as a means of social engineering. For Lenin, religion was the enemy.

Mr. Obama is America’s Lenin — a socialist revolutionary bent on cultural transformation. His contraceptive mandate is unprecedented in U.S. history: For the first time, private companies — health insurers — are being forced to provide a product or service for free. Moreover, Mr. Obama is dictating to the Catholic Church how to run its internal affairs and administer its social services. Under Mr. Obama, Washington, not the Vatican, is the final authority on what Catholic institutions must do — even if it violates their conscience rights. His mandate is a direct assault on the First Amendment. Mr. Obama is behaving like an anti-Christian, anti-religious zealot.

He is pushing universal birth control in the name of “women’s reproductive health.” Yet, the last thing America suffers from is lack of access to contraception. This is not about protecting women’s health. It is about smashing the Catholic Church, the last bulwark against the sexual revolution.
He supports partial-birth abortion — infanticide. He has enabled homosexuals to openly serve in the military. He refuses to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act. And he has appointed the two most militant secularists to the Supreme Court, Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Mr. Obama is in the pocket of the pro-abortion feminist lobby.
Mr, Obama claims he is a “Christian.” He does not attend a regular church? It is a fusion of black nationalism, anti-colonialism and Marxism. It has nothing to do with preaching the gospel of Christ. Rather, it replaces Jesus with Marx on the cross.
Sources: jeff kuhner, ap, wash times


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