Almost 40% of Chicago’s Public School Teachers Send their Kids Elsewhere to Learn
The new Chicago teachers’ contract designed to create more accountability are support by the Obama administration.
As the Chicago teachers’ strike continues, we’ve learned that they make $71-76,000 a year and they turned down a 16% pay increase, which amounts to $11,360. They work nine months out of the year. I KNOW OLD NEWS BUT WAIT
The compensation statistics in their broadcast – suffice to say that the media will probably ignore the fact that almost 40% of Chicago’s public school teachers send their kids to private schools. The fact that these teachers make enough to send their kids to private schools shows that Chicago’s public teachers are aware of the serial failure within the system. Second, it shows that these teachers have zero confidence in their own respective school district. Why are the teachers going on strike? Aren’t the contentious measures they’re squabbling about aimed at enhancing accountability that will make their institutions of learning better for the students?
More than 1 in 5 public school teachers said their children attend private schools.
In Washington (28 percent), Baltimore (35 percent) and 16 other major cities, the figure is more than 1 in 4. In some cities, nearly half of the children of public school teachers have abandoned public schools.
In Philadelphia, 44 percent of the teachers put their children in private schools; in Cincinnati, 41 percent; Chicago, 39 percent; Rochester, N.Y., 38 percent. The same trends showed up in the San Francisco-Oakland area, where 34 percent of public school teachers chose private schools for their children; 33 percent in New York City and New Jersey suburbs; and 29 percent in Milwaukee and New Orleans.
Union teachers know that many of their colleagues aren’t great teachers. Only 12% of American students attend private schools, but, 39% of Chicago public school teachers send their children to private schools. Anti school-choice politicians are no less hypocritical: President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Jesse Jackson, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore (to name just a few) all send or sent their children to private schools.
Chicago has the shortest school year among the largest metro areas(minutes of instruction provided to secondary students (2011)—Phil, Pa 70,590 down to Chicago at 57,120.
Source—hot, Chicago public schools, matt vesta


detention camps and the courts

Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), could arrest and detain American citizens suspected of aiding terrorists without probable cause, without the right to know the charges against them, and without the procedural rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.”
The Obama administration is battling to restore a controversial provision of a new federal law that it admits could have been used to arrest and detain citizens indefinitely – even if their actions were protected by the First Amendment. A federal judge this week made permanent an injunction against enforcement of Section 1021 of the most recent National Defense Authorization Act, which was declared unconstitutional.
District Judge Katherine Forrest, wrote, “The government put forth the qualified position that plaintiffs’ particular activities, as described at the hearing, if described accurately, if they were independent, and without more, would not subject plaintiffs to military detention under Section 1021.” But she continued, “The government did not – and does not – generally agree or anywhere argue that activities protected by the First Amendment could not subject an individual to indefinite military detention under Section 1021.”
Led by New York Times reporter Christopher Hedges. The journalists contend the controversial section allows for detention of citizens and residents taken into custody in the U.S. on “suspicion of providing substantial support” to anyone engaged in hostilities against the U.S. The lawsuit alleges the law is vague and could be read to authorize the arrest and detention of people whose speech or associations are protected by the First Amendment. Indefinite military detention – potential detention during a war on terrorism that is not expected to end in the foreseeable future, if ever. The Constitution requires specificity – and that specificity is absent from Section 1021,” Dan Johnson, a spokesman with People Against the NDAA, told WND it took only hours for the government to file an appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. “It most definitely tells us something about their intent,” he told WND. He cited Obama’s signing statement, when the bill was made law, that he would not use the provision allowing detention of American citizens without probable cause in military facilities. “Just because someone says something doesn’t mean they’re not lying,”
Bloomberg reports, The judge expressed dissatisfaction with what one observer described as the arrogance of the Department of Justice in the case. “The court repeatedly asked the government whether those particular past activities could subject plaintiffs to indefinite military detention; the government refused to answer,”
“The Constitution places affirmative limits on the power of the executive to act, and these limits apply in times of peace as well as times of war,” she wrote. She said the law “impermissibly impinges on guaranteed First Amendment rights and lacks sufficient definitional structure and protection to meet the requirements of due process.” “This court rejects the government’s suggestion that American citizens can be placed in military detention indefinitely, for acts they could not predict might subject them to detention, and have as their sole remedy a habeas petition adjudicated by a single decision-maker (a judge versus a jury), by a ‘preponderance of the evidence’ standard.

The Obama administration already has described those who hold a pro-life position or support third-party presidential candidates or the Second Amendment fit the profile of a domestic terrorist. Virginia already has passed a law that states it would not cooperate with such detentions, and several local jurisdictions have done the same. Arizona, Rhode Island, Maryland, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Washington also have considered similar legislation.
“The statute does not have sufficient constitutional guidelines to govern the discretion of the president in making a decision whether to hold someone in indefinite military detention,” Titus said. The judge had noted that the law doesn’t have a requirement that there be any knowledge that an act is prohibited before a detention. The judge also said the law is vague, and she appeared to be disturbed that the administration lawyers refused to answer her questions. Titus said the judge’s conclusions underscore “the arrogance of the current regime, in that they will not answer questions that they ought to answer to a judge because they don’t think they have to.”
Obama signed NDAA into law on December 31, 2011.” Endorsing Marshall’s plan was the Japanese American Citizens League, which cited the detention of tens of thousands of Japanese Americans during World War II on no authorization other than the president’s signature.
The Obama administration continues to argue the law allows for detention without legal due process only those who “substantially supported” terror groups such as al-Qaida or “associated forces.” But the plaintiffs note that the law does not define those terms. Instead, they point to the law’s provision that such individuals may be detained “without trial until the end of the hostilities.” Obama attorneys said the new law simply affirms what already was precedent under the Authorization for Use of Military Force.
“Nowhere does the AUMF convey to the executive the power to detain any person – citizen or otherwise – who ‘substantially supported’ al-Qaida or the Taliban or their associate forces, as section 1021 of the NDAA now provides.” Neither case law nor the actual text of the AUMF supports the government’s contention that such detention power already existed.”
Sources—wnd, bob unruh



Too few Americans are prepared for what’s coming our way. We are facing a grave crisis that will have a dramatic effect on every American citizen, our national security and our very way of life. It is the asymmetrical warfare of financial terrorism, and the U.S. politicians, the central bankers, the global leaders are the terrorists.
Investigating the who, what, when, where, why and how behind our current economic situation. Why are we going broke as a nation, and why are we, as Americans, running out of money before the end of the month while our standard of living declines as well? It is an indictment of our elected and appointed “leaders” who deliberately cover their greed and financial criminal activity by talking in a manner that only a select few can understand. The Federal Reserve under Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced round three of bond purchases, or QE3, for an indefinite period . An open-ended purchase by the Federal Reserve of U.S. Treasury bonds, or our country’s debt to the tune of $40 billion per month. This is in addition “Operation Twist,” which is a program where the Federal Reserve is already buying $45 billion in long term bonds, scheduled to last through the end of the year. The mainstream media continues to tell us we are in a recovery, and that job growth and our overall financial health is improving.

A quote attributed to Henry Ford: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
Every elected and appointed official just sealed the demise of the U.S. dollar by launching an indefinite round of creating digital money, backed by nothing, for the purpose of buying our own debt. Doing so ultimately makes our paper money worth less and soon to be worthless.
Everyone with U.S. dollars in pension plans, savings and retirement accounts are about to lose much, if not all of their savings. Why? Because by creating more digital money from nothing will significantly devalue the dollar to the extent that it will take more and more of them to pay for the same goods and services yesterday. Both sides of the political divide are equally responsible for our coming demise. Furthermore, the financial fraud did not begin with Obama, but was accelerated by his policies and every elected official who has remained silent, regardless of their political affiliation. Nonetheless, the biggest benefactors in the short term, meaning until or after the November 2012 U.S. elections, are the incumbent politicians. As QE1 and QE2 (creating money from nothing parts 1 and 2) were at least limited in scope. They had time and dollar limits. Bernanke’s latest action is basically telling the public, without really telling us, that nothing more can be done for the patient that is the American economy. We are out of options. How everything changed We are borrowing money to pay for prior debt created by fraudulent banking practices that was a direct result of the repealing of the Glass-Steagall Act. For those unfamiliar with the Glass-Steagall Act, it was signed into law in 1933 and (for the sake of brevity) prevented banks from becoming the equivalent of casinos, using your money to place bets.Between 1933 and 1999, when the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed and replaced with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernization Act of 1999. The GLBA had nearly bipartisan support and was signed into law on November 12, 1999 by former President Clinton. One major event took place on a hot summer night in August, 1971 when then-President Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard. People today seem to be in a much deeper, pharmaceutically induced slumber.
Since 2008, our national debt has risen more than 60% to more than $16 trillion. During that same period, the median net worth of American families dropped from $126,400 to $77,300 (in 2010) and even less today. The real unemployment rate, if Obama and his financial wizards had not changed how the number is calculated, is 11.2 percent. Using methods for calculating unemployment from years ago, that number would actually exceed 20 percent. Also, the net worth of every American has taken a tremendous downward hit since 2008. In 2008, just over 19 percent of all American families had a net worth of zero or less. That number jumped dramatically to 32.5 percent in 2010. This process has been implemented with the consent of both political parties. What we are seeing here is the orchestrated attack on the American dollar by our own government officials and elected leaders. . Is it greed? Well, that’s part of it, as much of the money being pumped into the economy is winding up in the coffers of the “too big to fail” (too big to jail, apparently) banks and financial institutions A group of globalists and a compliment of co-conspirator bankers who bring down countries by debasing their currencies. The Vampire Economy by Guenter Reimann. Written in 1939, Mr. Reimann explains how under Hitler, the Nazis steamrolled the German economy through the very tactics we are seeing today. They destroyed their own economy at the expense of the private sector, and nationalized the remaining portion of the economy.
Therefore the motive for the complete destruction of the American dollar, it would appear, is to create a global currency to replace the defunct dollar, deliberately destroyed at the hands of those in power today and in recent years. In addition to greed, the motive is ultimate power and control. War and the more recent threat of terrorist activities also provides the opportunity to implement a authoritarian or even totalitarian form of government, which we see taking place in the form of 360 degrees of surveillance, the implementation of the NDAA, and other measures that will become useful during the coming economic collapse. In summary, we’ve been set up, and continue to be set up, by every elected and appointed official in power on a national level today.
Do your own research and homework about what’s best for your own situation.

Source—doug hagmann, Canada free press


If Clinton and his party believe that tax cuts can cause a financial crisis that’s a new line of attack. I f they believe that financial deregulation did it; they have never made a comprehensive case for exactly how. If it was to much spending on defense rather than entitlements, then they should review the boom of the 1980’s. The Dems have never really made a coherent argument of how the GOP caused such misery—they only pointed the finger.
Both sides share culpability for it. Beginning in 2001 easy money from the fed flooded the markets with cheap credit, creating asset bubbles and finally tipping the American financial system on its side.
52 consecutive months of job growth under Bush. Dems don’t want to admit that their current strategy is reminiscent of it: Lean on the fed to juice the economy. Loose-money fed did not end well for the presidents who attempted it (Nixon, carter and bushes. Clinton the tech bubble collapse snowballed into a recession.
Clinton explained: “ever since we went off the gold standard which was necessary for economic management purposes, if you look at it we had a global financial economy before we had a global trade economy and certainly before we had any global environmental and labor safeguards.
Real household median income grew a measly 17% between 1971 and the year Nixon ended convertibility of the dollar to gold. The financial sectors share of the economy doubled while the manufacturing component was cut nearly in half. There has been a major financial crisis on average every four years. Clinton holds to the belief that the government knows better than the market what the economy needs, especially when it comes to money.
The party platform calls for a commission to study a gold standard.

Source: Weekly standard, jeff bell and rich danker



It’s not his fault he’s failed so far. He’s tried very hard, and he’s made some headway.
The task was so great that on one, not even FDR nor Clinton could have done any better than he has; he has earned four more years!
That’s a pathetically weak argument for reelection!
Do you think that the US is on the rise as a civilization or is it one the decline? The response was decline 57%, rise 31%. This reflects DESPAIR.
NBC news and the WSJ survey found that 63% of adults are “not confident that life for our children generation will be better than it has been for us”.
Government’s ability to solve problems has worsened.
Compared the two presidents, I think Clinton would not agree with Obama. With 227,000 new jobs in February was one of Obama’s best months, but in Feb of 1996 Clinton number was 434,000. FDR by 1936 did better too, as the economy was growing at a 13% clip.
Obama presided over a 1.9% growth in the first half of 2012. In June 1984 Reagan created 363,000 jobs while Obama created only 80,000.
But Obama isn’t following the FDR formula. Rather than a course correction, he’s relying on government programs as the sole stimulus and job creator, precisely what failed to stir a strong recovery in his first term.
Romney did lay out a five-step “plan” for creating 12 million jobs. Exploit oil and gas resources, expand job training and school choice, sign trade agreements, reduce the deficit and lower taxes, streamline regulations, and reduce health care cost.

Source: weekly standard—Fred Barnes—summarized


They are no longer a pro-choice party; they’re the party of abortion.
In America where we say freedom, we mean my freedom to make decisions about my life, not someone else’s freedom to make them for me!
Maria Ciano was followed by NARAL; president Nancy Keenan believes that women have th4 right to choose a safe, legal abortion with dignity and privacy. Deval Patrick agreed “we believe that freedom means keeping government out of our most private affairs, including out of a women’s decision whether to keep and unwanted pregnancy”.
The head of Planned Parenthood, Cecil Richards claims that Romney is campaigning to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Liberal icon Sandra Gluke promised that if Obama is reelected, women would retain the right to choose. The Demo’s believe abortion rights should be a central facet of their appeal to voters.
Donna Brazile said “ even I have trouble explaining to my family that we are not about killing babies” “we’re not the party of abortion” said Howard Dean.
They used to present it as a tragedy, but something they were prepared to abide for various reasons. They argued that abortion represented a failure of the social system—somewhere along the lone the women seeking one had been let down, by inadequate education, or by their families, or by men, or by a health care system that denied them access to contraception. The choice to abort should be protected, but it should also be regretted.
Even Bill Clinton understood that wanted abortions be “safe, legal, and rare”. In Charlotte, the word “rare” was dropped from the party platform and never appeared in any of the speeches. Obamacare paved the way for federal funding of abortion. What’s strange is that the dems have moved one way on abortion as the country has moved the other. Since 2009 Americans have been increasingly identifying themselves as “pro-life”

Sources—weekly standard—Jonathan last


Al-Qaida jihadists reportedly among rebels fomenting Middle East revolt.
One witness to the mob scene in Libya said some of the gunmen attacking the U.S. installation had identified themselves as members of Ansar al-Shariah, which represents al-Qaida in Yemen and Libya. The al-Qaida offshoot released a statement denying its members were behind the deadly attack today, but a man identified as a leader of the Ansar brigade told Al Jazeera the group indeed took part in the Benghazi attack.
Obama called for Mubarak, a longtime U.S. ally in the region, to step down.
U.S.-aided rebels that toppled Muammar Gadhafi’s regime in Libya consisted of al-Qaida and jihad groups. The U.S. provided direct assistance, including weapons and finances, to the Libyan rebels. During the revolution against Gadhafi’s regime, the U.S. admitted to directly arming the rebel groups.
At the time, rebel leader Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi admitted in an interview that a significant number of the Libyan rebels were al-Qaeda fighters, many of whom had fought U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He insisted his fighters “are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,” but added that the “members of al-Qaida are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader.” Adm. James Stavridis, NATO supreme commander for Europe, admitted Libya’s rebel force may include al-Qaida: “We have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al-Qaida, Hezbollah.”
Former CIA officer Bruce Riedel went even further, telling the Hindustan Times: “There is no question that al-Qaida’s Libyan franchise, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, is a part of the opposition. It has always been Gadhafi’s biggest enemy and its stronghold is Benghazi. WND reported that Jihadiya Salafia in the Gaza Strip, a group that represents al-Qaida in the coastal territory, had declared three days of mourning for its own jihadists who died in Syria in recent weeks. There have been widespread reports of al-Qaida among the Syrian rebels, including in reports by Reuters and the New York Times.
WND reported in May there is growing collaboration between the Syrian opposition and al-Qaida as well as evidence the opposition is sending weapons to jihadists in Iraq, according to an Egyptian security official.
The military official told WND that Egypt has reports of collaboration between the Syrian opposition and three al-Qaida arms, including one the operates in Libya:
Jund al-Sham, which is made up of al-Qaida militants who are Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese. Widespread reports have claimed the U.S. has been working with Arab countries to ensure the opposition in Syria is well armed.
Egypt’s Christians face mass slaughter by Islamists.
The Egyptian military official said today that Islamic groups are threatening to slaughter “the whole Christian Coptic community” in the city of Naja Hamadi, located about 60 miles from Cairo. Naja Hamadi contains a large Coptic community. Two Egyptian immigrants from Southern California reportedly were forces behind the “Innocence of Muslims” movie. Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih, the president of the Duarte-based charity Media for Christ, reportedly was a producer, while Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a convicted felon, allowed his home to be used in the movie’s shooting.
Just weeks after Mubarak was booted, Muslim villagers in March 2011 reportedly set fire to a Coptic church while attacking Christians on the street.
Coptic Christian families were also reportedly evicted from their homes in Alexandria. Some reports say more than 200,000 Copts already have fled their homes. When Copts attempted to protest last October, security forces reportedly fired at the protesters, killing 24 and wounding more than 300 people.
The Coptic Church, a major Christian community in Egypt, is said to date back to the origins of Christianity.

Sources—wnd, aaron klein,