N.P.V —Are they are trying to do an end run on us?


Think about a way if you wanted to change the results of an election would this idea possibly work or sound like it could change the results?
To borrow a word from a Fabian Socialist expression would you consider doing it in a “STEALTH” manner?

One such plan being considered is N.P.V. (National Popular Vote). The president of NVP who formulated this plan is Barry Fadem. This plan would allow the most populous states to determine the outcome on our national election. The least populated states would become disenfranchised with the possibility their votes are not as important as before. This idea has been floating around since 2006. This plan is ingeniously and intentionally complicated to keep it obscure until it’s to late. With millions in funding behind it who knows how far this will go? As you will recall the Electoral College was fashioned as a compromise between an election of the president by direct popular vote and election by Congress.

In 2007 Maryland was the first state to approve NPV compact.

Going against the founding fathers and the constitution this proposal would work something like this- those populous states would be a winner take all vote. The state would assign all of its Electoral College votes to the majority vote getter, with none being given to the other candidate. Therefore a few states could control any presidential election due to their population and the number of electoral votes they are awarded. When combined together they can give the needed number of Electoral votes to the one candidate who just happened to get more votes in that particular state and the votes cast against him are worth zero.

It also just so happens that this upcoming election will be also be counted by a Spanish owned company counting our votes this election and they have said the system will be secure. A group of University of Michigan students were able to “hatch” into their system and make it play their school fight song when a vote is cast. The system is called SCYTL.

Can this actually happen here? —I guess we’ll just have to be alert and monitor and see for ourselves.


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