Did this happened right under our noses.


Could it be that his first term agenda, as President, was merely his fulfillment of his campaign promise of “Transforming America”. He thinks that if he is re-elected that he cannot be stopped. That in his mind regardless of which party controls the both houses it will not matter to him. He has, through his policies and regulations, made congress “Irrelevant’ during his first term.

Executive orders, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law be damned!

An example is his new Health Care Bill in which of the 2700 pages (not read before being passed), 2500 are references to the secretary of HHS. In these 2500 pages there are over 700 instances in which the secretary is instructed on what they “shall do”. And there is something like 200 times when they “may” take a regulatory action at their sole discretion. In the bill it mentions 139 occasions that gives the secretary alone, the powers that “determines”. Isn’t this giving one person, as it appears the power of being in charge of 306 million citizens? One of the biggest arguments against Obamacare is that it gives so much authority to the secretary of health and human services. She has the authority to issue regulations on IPAB.

Then you add in the 2319 pages from the Dodd-Frank bill (which is control by fiat of the banking, financial, and investments sectors which has closed over 122 banks under this bill).
And did I mention it also created a consumer financial protection bureau?
Then add to the list the seemingly endless EPA regulations passed to impose his green agenda.

But you may ask what if the Republicans take control of both Houses and try to override the above, he feels his “veto” will not be overridden due to lack of votes. He would merely threaten government shut downs, as he has done in the past, as a means to of intimidating the Republicans.

Where are the courts in all of this, just look at what they’ve done on Fast and Furious, Gulf Drilling, The Marriage act, Health Care. Have we ever had an administration that has ignored subpoenas after subpoenas like the current one?
Obama’s learning from Cloward and Piven is about to kick into high gear if he wins another term.
The American people will be in for the ride of their lives.



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