In Afghanistan, Taliban insurgents somehow managed to penetrate the coalitions main base in Helmand Province, Camp Bastion and blow up six Marine Corps Harrier jump jets and damage two others, making this the greatest single-day loss of American warplanes sine the Viet Nam. Taliban suicide bomber struch in Kabul, killing a dozen people including contract workers for the US Embassy. Green on blue killings. Bringing to 51 the number of coalition troops killed this year by afghan security personnel. This has lead the US special forces to suspend training of new recruits for the afghan local police.
Jay Carney said that the timeline for withdrawing personnel now with the surge completed just days ago, numbering 68,000 troops, down from a wartime high of 100,000—remains unaffected. Panetta we hear that the recent Taliban attacks are insignificant—merely the “last gasp” of a defeated insurgency.
The Taliban and related groups, Haqqani network are far from defeated. They remain secure in their Pakistan sanctuaries.
The greatest cause for despair is the lack of presidential leadership, President Obama notoriously refuses to talk about the war, to explain setbacks and to tell the American people how his plan for Victory is not in fact a work her uses. 40,000 were requested but Obama only sent 30,000, and he pulled out the surge troops faster than the general wanted. Afghans who are allied with the US are visibly nervous wondering if they should make accommodations with the Taliban lest they wind up on the losing side.
It is high time for President Obama to reevaluate his strategy and to explain more fully to the American people just what we are doing in Afghanistan and how we are doing. We should not ignore the probability that an American pullout could make things far worse.
A victory for jihadists over the last remaining superpower—which is how an American pullout from Afghanistan would be perceived in the middle east regardless of how it was spun by the White House would be a big boost for al Qeada in Iraq and other extremist groups which already have found opening in Libya and countries thrown into turmoil by the Arab Spring.

Source—weekly standard, nax boot

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