A Catholic was elected president in the 1960’s. A Jew was nominated in 2000 for VP and in 2004 and 2008 Joe Lieberman and Rudy Giuliani ran for president. The country’s first black was elected four years ago! Children of Hispanic and Indian immigrants are rising Republicans starts. No success is beyond the reach of any American for reasons other than personal failings.
In the mid-1980’s came Critical Race Theory which maintained that racism was ingrained and pervasive and never would fade. Then came “Unconscious Racism, subliminal racism, implicit racism and aversive racism as under employed academics and scholars sought to find words for inchoate feeling they found rather hard to describe
Michelle Alexander in her book, states the fact that you may honestly believe that you are not biased against African Americans and that you may have black friends and relatives, does not mean that you are free from unconscious bias.
These views as racist ignores the facts that a conservative also resent whites who rely upon welfare and respect blacks and other who rise on their merits.
The appeal of these theories is that no proof is needed; they assume guilt and there is not way for those accused to prove their innocence. The response to people who claim they have never done or said anything racist is to tell them that they are either subconsciously racist or have been sending out signals under the radar, by the way of “dog whistles” or “code”.
When the tea party emerged, it was presumed to be racist. Liberals think that these are people who they say are racist. The key thing is that Obama is angry and he’s talking not in his normal voice but in a “black dialect”
Federalism now means “states rights” means money taken from whites and sent to black supplicants; crime means “Willie Horton”. To bring up the issue of welfare reform is said to be a “dog whistle” or “racially charged”. It’s almost as if liberals assume most blacks are spongers or criminals, or think they aren’t troubled by assault and or murder if the criminals are white like themselves.
It’s also possible that there are millions of people to whom race is normally a matter if indifference—and that there numbers are growing by the year. The Irish cam over, called WASP’s and described as a lower species, the Poles, Jews, Italians came, they faced similar prejudice; Catholics, Jews, and Protestants viewed each other and each others religions with suspicion and fear.
It’s a nice little racket, creating employment for sensitivity trainers, diversity counselors, race theory scholars and other superfluous vendors of unneeded products. Second it fun for the Dems who like telling minorities that Reps want to burn churches, lynch people and otherwise see them in chains. Third and perhaps most important it’s a self esteem drug for a whole class of people.
It’s the MSNBC people whose hearing is tuned to discern all the dog whistles. No complaints came form the dog-whistles industrial complex when Clarence Thomas was portrayed a lawn jockey or Condi Rice depicted in cartoons by white and male liberals a parrot, a pickaninny and Prissy.
Rep. Allen West was depicted in a campaign ad by his white opponent as sporting a gold tooth while beating a series of winsome blonde women. Let’s look to the transcript of Hardball for its program of 8/15 just after the clean and articulate VP Biden had used a faux-southern accent to tell a largely black audience that a rep proposal on financial regulations would “PUT Y’ALL BACK IN CHAINS”. When republicans complained about Bidens rhetoric they were “shinning light on the race issue”.

One thing that keeps bothering me is—the blacks have voted democratic for decades and yet they continue to complain that they are not getting ahead and are not better off than they were before. Wouldn’t you think after that many years they might realize the dems are using them?

Source; weekly standard, noemie emery


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