Under the Obama watch in just the year we’ve had
Sex scandals, Benghazi, Arab Spring, Muslim Brotherhood, money to hamas to move her, FBI investigations, fast and furious, Gao trips, no budget. Another great year in DC.

California passes Prop 30—more taxes for the schools or so they say.
Many corporations, you know the greedy capitalist are sending truck loads of aid to the east coast.
401k’s better go to cash. Dividend tax???
NJ judges now have to pay more for their benefits—jaw dropper isn’t it
There are numerous jobs cuts being announced—just a few are: papa johns, chessecake factory, subway, red lobster, olive garden, anlcam auto, anlcam medical, carl jr’s, hardess, hobby lobby, Applebee’s, teco, cat, Boeing, us cellular, energizer, affinia, united blood services, pratt and whitney, vesta, rim, hawker, utah energy.
Full times jobs being reduced to part time—obamacare
If you make 50k obamacare will cost you 1k, if you make 75k it will cost you 1.6k.
Paperwork of obamacare burden has been 63,215,503 hours.
Food vending machine labeling costing 421 million
Changes to Medicare advantage program 223.14 million
Environmental energy stocks are taking a nose dive
Legalizing drugs in Co to bring in 44.6 million/2 years, in Washington state—1.9 billion in 5 years, and Calif, 105m a year—now a total of 18 states have passed this.
Fema shut down offices in the east coast due to winter storms
Fema still owes Katrina 18 billion
Obama called for fema disasters than any other president,
Media not after the government on Sanday as they were on Katrina
If the government of the states says the disaster is too big for them then the feds and fema come in.
GM gets a 11 billion line of credit—think government ready to sell stocks???
More regulations are on the way—thousands
Should the home owners on the east coast be made to rebuild somewhere else—inland etc?


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