I know most of you have heard all about these subjects but I’ve read several reports and thought I’d consulate them. From different sources. Sorry to trouble you if your already know all of this.

Ronald Kessler reporting from Washington, D.C. — FBI agents investigating CIA Director David Petraeus’s affair were shocked when told by bureau officials that despite the national security implications, no action would be taken on their findings until after the presidential election. The White House claims President Obama and his national security advisors were first informed of the Petraeus’ affair on Thursday, two days after the election. Senior FBI officials suppressed disclosure of the highly sensitive case, apparently to avoid embarrassment to Obama during his re-election campaign.
On Oct. 10, I was contacted by a longtime FBI source who told me that a bureau investigation had uncovered Petraeus’ affair with a journalist and that it could potentially jeopardize national security.
The veteran agent related to me that FBI agents assigned to the case were outraged by what were they were told by senior officials: The FBI was going to hold in limbo their findings until after the election.
“To leave him in such a sensitive position where he was vulnerable to potential blackmail for months compromised our security and is inexcusable.”
My source said the FBI had been investigating the matter since last spring and the probe was considered among the most sensitive investigations the bureau was handling.
Both FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III and the Justice Department were aware of the investigation, according to my source. The source did not specifically know whether Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder or FBI Director Mueller had given the order to delay taking action until after the election.
However, Mueller meets at least once a week with the president and routinely informs him of highly sensitive investigations and threats. An FBI investigation of the CIA director should have been at the top of that list.
In fact, it would have been a scandal if the FBI had not informed the president or the attorney general of an investigation of the CIA director. “FBI Investigation Led to Petraeus Resignation,” revealed for the first time that an FBI investigation of Petraeus’ emails had triggered his resignation. Since then, the White House has claimed that the president was surprised when told of the FBI investigation two days after the election.

If the president genuinely did not know about the probe, it would constitute malfeasance by the White House. But my FBI sources doubt the order to suppress the probe’s findings until after the election. “The Secrets of the FBI,” FBI Director Mueller gave me unprecedented access to the bureau, including to agents who told me normally classified details of how FBI agents break into homes and offices to plant bugging devices in terrorist, espionage, Mafia, and political corruption cases.

In my opinion, Mueller is a man of impeccable integrity. He would not have acquiesced to delaying action on the bureau’s findings unless ordered to do so by the attorney general or by the president. It is up to the government agency who employs the individual or the White House to take action. But the decision to delay action on the Petraeus case — when the fact that he had placed himself in a compromising position was known by the FBI for months — clearly created a security risk.

As FBI agents and CIA officers tell me, such a delay could have meant that foreign intelligence service officers or criminals who may have learned of the affair could have blackmailed Petraeus. My source told me that the investigation into Petraeus’ affair began when FBI agents mistook a reference in one of his emails to “under the desk” to mean corruption, as in payments under the table.The broader FBI investigation began last spring when Paula Broadwell, with whom Petraeus was allegedly having an affair, allegedly began sending threatening emails to another woman she viewed as a potential threat to her relationship with Petraeus.

It turned out that “under the desk” was a reference to having sex under the desk with Petraeus. He will very soon have to answer congressional questions about the Obama administration’s handling of the Sept. 11 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya.
“My strong recommendation is Gen. Petreaus has to testify,” He was at the center of it all. He is an absolutely essential witness.”
“It seems this has been going on for several months and yet now it appears that they’re saying that the FBI didn’t realize until Election Day that Gen. Petraeus was involved.
And it taking four months to say the CIA director was involved. So, I have real questions about this. I think a timeline has to be looked at and analyzed to see what happened.”
With such a high ranking official being investigated, King said the president, or at least his national security advisor, should have been alerted at the earliest stage of the investigation.
She frequently visited the spy agency’s headquarters in Langley, Va., to meet Petraeus in his office, accompanied him on morning runs around the CIA grounds and often attended public functions as his guest, according to two former intelligence officials
Republicans, including King, contend that the general’s resignation should not preclude him from speaking to House and Senate committees looking into the Obama administration’s handling of the Sept. 11 attacks.
The acting director of the CIA, Mike Morell, His resignation occurred three days after the election. FBI agents on the case were aware that such a decision had been made to hold off on forcing him out until after the election and were outraged.
King also said Sunday that House Speaker John Boehner has offered enough in spending reductions and ways to increase revenue to the federal government that would not require increasing taxes for Democrats and Republicans to make a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.
The Senate Intelligence Committee will investigate why the FBI failed to immediately notify the White House and Congress when it discovered that ex-CIA Director David H. Petraeus was involved in an extramarital affair. The FBI began investigating after a woman, a friend of Petraeus and his wife Holly complained to law enforcement about receiving harassing e-mails, according to two officials briefed on the probe.
Feinstein said Congress should have been told of the probe, and there are confidential ways of doing it. The affair “could have had an effect on national security,” she said.
FBI ‘Obligation’ “The FBI director had the obligation to tell the president or the National Security Council at the earliest state” of the investigation, not after “this has been going on for several months,”
That the “FBI didn’t realize until Election Day that General Petraeus was involved” after four months of looking at e-mails wasn’t plausible. The last interview, with Broadwell, took place the week before Election Day, one official said. Senior Justice Department officials were briefed on the probe for the first time in September and they continued to receive updates. While it was determined that there were no national security risks, the probe continued as a criminal investigation into the threatening e-mails — a primary reason cited by officials for the agency not informing Capitol Hill of the probe.
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican, was informed of the probe in late October, he said. “I was contacted by an FBI employee concerned that sensitive, classified information may have been compromised and made certain Director Mueller was aware of these serious allegations and the potential risk to our national security,”
Two of the officials briefed on the probe said there appear to be no criminal or national security matters involved, adding that it isn’t clear if the FBI has closed its investigation. CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell has taken over. Benghazi Hearing Petraeus leaves an agency embroiled in questions about what led to the deaths of four U.S. citizens.
“I think a timeline has to be looked at and analyzed to see what happened.” Feinstein, who called Petraeus’s resignation “an enormous loss” said she “may well ask” Petraeus to testify in front of her committee about the events in Libya, something Petraeus was scheduled to do this week before his resignation. She wrote about Petraeus’s rules for living, Broadwell lists as No. 5: “We all will make mistakes. The key is to recognize them and admit them, to learn from them, and to take off the rear view mirrors — drive on and avoid making them again.”
Petraeus’ resignation over an extramarital affair was reportedly held until after Tuesday’s election to avoid “potential embarrassment” for President Barack Obama, according to Newsmax.
“The decision was made to delay the resignation apparently to avoid potential embarrassment to the president before the election,” an FBI source says. “To leave him in such a sensitive position where he was vulnerable to potential blackmail for months compromised our security and is inexcusable.”
The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said she will “absolutely” investigate why she wasn’t notified that the FBI was probing CIA Director David Petraeus, leading to his abrupt resignation over an extramarital affair. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). “I think we should have been told. There is a way to do it and that is just to inform the chair and the vice chairman of both [intelligence] committees….none of the four of us have ever breached that confidentiality.”
TheBlaze’s national security expert Buck Sexton questioned the rationale behind Petraeus’ resignation, saying an affair didn’t strike him as grounds for leaving his CIA post.
“While the military officially condemns adultery under its regulations, I’m not aware of a similar prohibition in the intelligence community,” Sexton said.
Sources: Madeleine Morgenstern, the blaze, fox news, newsmax, Stephen feller, api, Ronald Kessler,


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