Grundy, Va 5500 people show up for rally in support of American coal jobs. The temporary layoff for 189 miners is now permanent. You say that’s only 189, or is it the tip of the iceberg on coal jobs in the USA.
Remember the one promise made was to kill coal. Is this a start?
Hope has turned into damnation. A perfect summary of four years of Obama.
If you’re in the top 20% of earners the cost of energy (heat, gas, electric) is 4.3% of your income. But if you’re in the bottom quintile is will consume 24.4%. Most of Obama’s jobs growth has come at the low-wage end. Part time, you known the jobs the dems used to sneer at.
According to the Nation Employment Law Project (nelp) a full 60% of the jobs lost in the recession ere mid-wage jobs. Sadly these jobs comprise only 22% of jobs in the so-called recovery. Just 21% of the jobs lost in the recession were low-wage jobs. Redistribution of employment—from good paying to lousy paying.
Zero Hedge reports a new record high of 46,681,833 persons hooked on SNAP. 21 million have been added to food stamps and disability rolls since the recession with 4.5 million jobs lost. Hispanic unemployment is 10.1%. the Daily Caller “African Americans’ median wealth has crashed, their wages have flat lined, their unemployment has spiked and their political power has waned.. Less that half of young blacks have full time jobs, the percent of blacks in the workforce fell to 52.8% in 8/2012 from 58.6 in 6/2007. And yet the Hispanics and Blacks voted for him—truly amazing to me.
Black child poverty at close to 40%, in fact Obama is the singles biggest obstacle to school choice in our cities and minority communities.
Male participation in the workforce is the lowest it has been since 1948. The u-6 number is 14.7%. That’s the real unemployment figure. Then add Libya to the mix and you have one successful period.



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