Obama’s new food safety modernization act has led the EPA to investigate 21 chocolate factories and 18 dairies in Switzerland. Since obviously no American has yet suffered from eating uninspected chocolate. Anybody got any real reasons for these inspections?

Prince George county, MD speed camera’s have been vandalized so leading officals to are mounting new cameras to monitor the speed camera’s. at least a dozen new speed camera-monitoring cameras will be purchased, Maj. Robert Liberati has been awarded the new title of commander of the automated enforcement section. It’s cost the taxpayers #30,000 to $100,000 to replace a speed cameria. Not to mention what it cost for the monitoring cameras as well. IT JUST LIKES OF RUBS OFF THIS SPENDING THING

The welfare royal couple , chiropractor David Silverstein and Lyudmila Shimonova were busted after a decade of welfare fraud. While living in a million dollar waterfront home in Seattle, with luxury cars and traveling the world the duo collected $261,703 in rent subsidies. Food stamps and other benefits over 10 years.

Federal rules mandate that only American made products be used in Porkulus projects. The local offices of Sen Richard Durbin the IRS, the Social Security and the DEA found that materials were stamped MADE IN CHINA. Officials purchased Chinese solar panels for the Sen. Paul Simon federal building in Il. The Washington times in early 2010 questioned the general services adm decision to buy Chinese materials, but was ignored. The photovoltaic panels installed were assembled in the and shipped for China, even though ARRA rules dictated the Chinese panels cannot be purchased with ARRA funds. Breitbart reports that Sen Harry Reids’s son Rory is now representing a Chinese company building a solar panel plant in Nevada.

Crawdaddy’s a restaurant in corpus Christi Texas has been threatened with a @2,000 fine for cleaning bird poop off of the sidewalk in form the establishment. Owner John Webb was ordered by a city official to stop rinsing off the bird droppings or else be chared for fouling the nearby bay. Fox news said Webb was give two options, let the rain wask the poop away or hire professional cleaning crew. Rain versus a hose—who would have thought?


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