The union protests SEIU and the unions hired many of the protesters. They were bused in for the protest. However they never discussed Hostess. Non-right to work states the unemployment rates are higher than right to work states. The unions in Europe are also having troubles getting and holding members.
Egypt is out of control—is the obama plan working? From 12/2007 to 10/2012 government job loses were 365k while private sector was 3.9 million. 19% of college students consider moving out of the USA after graduation. 73% because they feel there are better prospect somewhere else. 63% say the American dream is dead.

In a survey of the American people 56% say fiscal cliff will effect their spending. Politicians waiting until the last minute on the budgets and cuts to scare the people so they can increase spending. Buffet doesn’t care if taxes go up. 1.5T in profits are are sitting off shore due to our tax rates. Obamcare in 2013, will be a form of Big Brother who will decide what you eat. But ‘weed’ is ok?
7/15/10—Obama there will be no longer taxpayer funded bailouts period, for wall street mistakes. The FHA is broke look for a $93 billion bailout form the government (read above). The Dow down 8.2%, the nasq is down 41.2% and S&P is down 10% from there all times highs.

DHS website welcome to the tell immigrants how to get free stuff, medical care, food stamps, social security, supplements, SSI and other entitlements. Also the people already here can use it. The government average handouts 20 years ago was 3900, today its more like 6600—70% by 2013 an individual will get 710.00 month and a couple will get 1066. college salaries are surging especially the football coaches getting a 44% increase in some colleges, while the hated CEO average has been 25%. Climate change fees on carbon in the works and you will some have to have a carbon permit.

Unions are striking the docks in Oakland were 6% of the freight from overseas is unloaded. But there seems to be no concern how this is effecting those out of work. Shopping for surgeries is becoming more common to lower the lost of an operation—some companies paying for travel to get lower cost operations—Kroger and Wal-Mart are two that were mentioned. US hospital cost are like the government they are not transparent. Spain offering citizenship if you buy a house there. Would it work here?

Fox news—Saturday morning financial shows


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