HR 2471, this electronic “privacy” bill to instead allow the Feds, local law enforcement, and literally any local or federal entity to read any electronic communication—email, private Facebook Posts, Twitter direct messages, Google Docs, etc.—without a warrant.
Isn’t there something called the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution?
Complaints prompted Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy, to rewrite the bill as a package of amendments, which essentially allows the authorization of warrantless access to American’s e-mails. The amendments are a substitute for H.R. 2471, which was already approved by the House of Representatives and will be voted on in the Senate.
Grants warrantless access to Americans’ electronic correspondence to over 22 federal agencies. Only a subpoena is required, not a search warrant signed by a judge based on probable cause. Permits state and local law enforcement to warrantlessly access Americans’ correspondence stored on systems not offered “to the public,” including university networks. If they claim “emergency” situations exist. Says providers “shall notify” law enforcement in advance of any plans to tell their customers that they’ve been the target of a warrant, order, or subpoena. Delays notification of customers whose accounts have been accessed from 3 days to “10 business days.” This notification can be postponed by up to 360 days. (SEC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are allowed to gain access to private Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct messages without a search warrant. Also, the FBI and Homeland Security would be allowed to gain access to Internet accounts without informing the owner or a judge. HR 2471, to amend the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) was passed by the US House of Representatives. The bill makes it “more difficult for users to protect their data”. Listening to the debate, there seems to be some confusion about what happens to your viewing data after you consent to sharing.
Listening to Congressman Watts and Johnson, there was an implication that viewing data could then be sold to third parties.
A George Soros-funded radical think tank with close ties to the Democratic Party has launched a new website urging politicians and activists to wage class warfare while hailing what it calls a new era in politics – the use of class warfare to win elections.
WageClassWar.org was launched last week by the Campaign for America’s Future, or CAF. CAF’s co-director, Robert Borosage, explained the need for such a website. We are likely to see this as the first of the class warfare elections of our new Gilded Age of extreme inequality,” he wrote in a statement. “More and more of our elections going forward will feature class warfare – only this time with the middle class fighting back. And candidates are going to have to be clear about which side they are on,” he wrote.
Continued Borosage: “In 2012, candidates who supported the economic interests of the many over the few won their elections. Populism was the voice, but economic opportunity was the message. The website does not feature a mission statement and is unclear about exactly how the group will go about attempting to wage class warfare.
The site explains how Obama’s 2012 campaign utilized class warfare and set the stage for the deployment of such tactics in future elections. “In the end, the keys to Obama’s reelection were his calls for raising the taxes of the wealthy and his support for reinvesting those revenues in education and jobs to rebuild the middle class and to protect programs like Medicare from cuts.”
CAF writes that Obama’s reelection now sets the stage “for class warfare as a potent and necessary tool to promote rebuilding the economy from the bottom up, rather than perpetuate the right wing’s failed trickle-down policies.”
WND previously reported how CAF has partnered with Occupy. CAF is funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute as well as by the Soros-funded Tides Center, which channels funding to hundreds of progressive and far-left groups. Tides has been connected to the Occupy movement since its beginning.
CAF campaigns for universal health care, immigration reform and progressive education initiatives. CAF is deeply tied to progressive politicians from the Democratic Party, many of whom routinely are featured at CAF events. Just last year, Nancy Pelosi was the featured speaker at CAF’s “America’s Future Now” conference in Washington, D.C. In 2008, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., was honored at CAF’s annual dinner for her “advocacy in Congress,”
Sources—wnd, Brenda Elliott, aaron klein, whistleblower, kris zane


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