Shariah Law

Why has our president given his explicit approval to the Muslim
Brotherhood, a group who is the embodiment of Shariah Law, to be
recognized by the US courts? The motto of this law is “ALLAH IS

Their goal is to destroy the Western Civilization starting with us. Their
stealth jihad is determined to institute their law into our country. Shariah
law is a harsh and excessive legal and societal code straight from the middle
ages. Some of their beliefs: Ok for husbands to beat their wives.
They can marry more than one wife even child brides of few years old.
Revenge rather than justice Torture for those convicted of
crimes, mutilation and etc Adulterers even those of rape to be
stoned to death Anyone critical of Islam or Muhammad must be killed
Calls for death of “apostates” those who leave Islam Commands violent jihad and total
subjugation of all religious other than Islam. (DOES SOUND LIKE JOINING THE
LIONS CLUB—DOES IT) The Muslim brotherhood single priority
in the USA is to “wage a grand jihad in eliminating and destroying
Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house”, achieved through appearing as non threatening, “moderates” portrayed in, a friendly light by the media and the
Obama administration. FBI officials have just announced they are open to considering a proposal
from a coalition of known terror-sponsoring Islamic organizations and
extremist “interfaith” groups to establish a committee of experts to review
materials used in FBI anti-terrorism training. (HELL WHY NOT GIVE
THEM THE KEYS TO BANK TOO). Islamic terror cells are on high alert
to attack pre-designated targets in the US and Europe. Quds force a special unit of Iran’s
army is tasked with exporting aboard Iran’s Islamic revolution and is reportedly
operating out of the Iranian Interests Section in DC. The interest section is the de facto diplomatic representation of the terrorist Islamic Republic. They are housed under the
umbrella of the Pakistani embassy. Mitchel Stilber of NYPD says that Iranian diplomats had carried out hostile reconnaissance of the sites in NY as many an s 6 times. A white house invitation is not the only way these operatives enter our country—fake ID’s, claim to be part of a religiousminorities under persecution in Iran and of course Mexico. In Latin America the revolutionary guards intelligence apparatus is training and
recruiting more than 800 sensitive sites in the US, have already been targeted
for attacks by the Guards. Energy resources, high population areas, assassinations of official of the country, and then they go to work on Israel with thousands of missiles pointed at them.
Just in the last few months, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have announced new strict Islamic forms of governance and enforced shariah law as the ground of their nations justice systems,
The Arab Spring with its promise of democratic reform for Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan continues to unfold in violence and bloodshed.
The root of Islam—the all-encompassing teachings of Mohammed is violent jihad aimed at total world domination. It stands for destruction, domination and death. Naked force in NOT the only weapon of Islam’s arsenal, Muslims rely on stealth jihad, the Islamic legal system that demands death for those who oppose Islam and its many legalistic dictates. In order for shariah to thrive,
personal freedom and liberty must die. That is exactly the goal of Islamists in America.
If you do not believe this, a NJ judge in 2010 dropped charges against a Muslim man who brutally beat and raped his wife all because the judge said the “MAN’S ISLAMIC BELIEFS ALLOWED SUCH CRIMINAL CONDUCT TO OVERRULE US LAW”
We have 50 appellate court cases from 23 states that involve conflicts between Shariah and American state law- HOLD ON TO YOU REARS.
The only hope we have is HR973, which forbids foreign law—including shariah—from our US court system. Under the guise of religion they openly advocate sedition, and shariah is
their vehicle for subversively implementing their overthrow of the USA and the European West.


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