Consider what our President has achieved in his first four years and what we have to look forward too. I realize many will not agree with this list, but they are actual positions, actions that he and his administration have taken to date.
No budget from his Democrat controlled Senate for over three years, record Trillion $
deficits/debt/spending, unemployment that hit 10%+, no proposals to date for spending/entitlement cuts. Czars appointed without Congressional oversight, his associations with numerous individuals and organizations of questionable reputation, executive orders ignoring the constitution, passing an unread health care bill negotiated in secret using special bribes for certain states and organizations. Broken promises of transparency, no line-by-line budget review, bailouts and destruction of shareholder and bondholder rights, special treatment given the unions. His apology tour, continuing to blame Bush after four years, lack of GDP growth, numerous foreign policy failures, and tax increases for all (if he took all the money from the rich it would only pay for eight and one half days of spending), borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend due to four years of failed Obama policies.
Expensive vacations during a recession, golf during times of crisis, a trillion has replaced a billion, military cuts, what happened to Pay As You Go?
His new agenda is anti-colonization, continued class warfare, the haves versus the have not’s, continued green energy loans and bailouts, cap and trade, card check, fairness doctrine, GAO scandals, outing the navy seals, taxes up for everyone with no proposals to cut spending or pay off the National debt.
Gun control, Agenda 21, FEMA camps, detention camps, executive orders for Marshall law (just in case?)—All UN related and giving up US Constitutional freedoms, bowing to foreign leaders.
Fast and Furious cover-up, Benghazi cover-up, Freddie and Fannie bailouts and take overs, the coming FHA and student loan bailouts, tax cheats in his administration, racism, Biden the jerk, and the lowering of our credit rating. Why isn’t the major media covering these? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t like Fox News?
He however has done some good: pulling the troops out of the wars, (hopefully there will be jobs for them), giving the order to get Bin Laden, The Beer Summit, and he has been able to outsmart the republicans for five years. He’s been able to hide his past and seal his records and continues to do so without any questions from the mainstream media, Congress, or the Courts-WHY?
Remember while Nero played Rome burned; are we the next Rome? Pray that our leaders of “BOTH” parties start to put the interest of the American people before themselves and just maybe we can turn “OUR” country around in time for our children
to survive and prosper in what has been the “Home of the Brave and Land of the Free


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