He’s a man of high integrity who has run a very clean administration—David Brooks.
There have been no scandals. And the rate of scandals plaguing second terms is extremely high! This regime is one of the most corrupt in American history say others.
BENGHAZI, FAST AND FURIOUS have gone virtually unreported—lies, fraud, graft, and lawlessness protected by Obama’s DOJ.

Move act of 2009 ensures absentee ballots be mailed to military personnel overseas at 45 days before an election day. The Regime whines that it doesn’t have the money to comply with the law. Could they have used the Solyndra, Cash for Clunkers. Obamacare money to insure that our nations heroes can exercise the right to vote. (Washington Times)
Obama stopped enforcing federal immigration law. ICD is at a point now where agents are being told to break federal law. They’re pretty much told that any illegal alien under the age of 31 is going to be let go (Washington times)
The treasury inspector general for tax administration has uncovered the astonishing fact that the Obama administration pays billions of dollars in child tax credits to illegal aliens. He has simply changed the law by executive fiat. (Powerline)
7/12/12 Obama rolled back successful 1996 welfare reforms by fiat, gutting the work requirement in the original legislation. (Heritage)
June 2010, district judge Feldman ordered the federal government to end its post-BP spill moratorium on deep-sea drilling, ruling it unconstitutional, Obama defied him ordering a second ban. 2/2/11 the judge found Obama interior Dept in contempt.
January 2012, he illegally appointed a director of the consumer financial protection bureau along with e appointments to the NLRB all without the approval of a senate still legally in session, as the constitution requires. (investors business daily)
Employers are legally bound to give 60-day advance notice of layoffs. But the regime ordered defense contractors not to say boo to employees about the hundreds of thousand of impending layoffs resulting from he sequestration of defense finds. OMB promised to compensate defense contractors for any liability they might incur as a result of violation the Warn Act. (powerline)
10/18/12 Issa accuses Geithner of “either willfully misleading the committee or purposefully withholding information”. This after the IRS has announced it will impose Obamacare taxes on employers and individuals whom congress expressly exempted form those taxes. (
Solyndra and its %535 million loan, it’s largest shareholder and top white house blunder is George Kaiser. Solar Reserve–$737 DOE loan, whose investment partner PCG boasts a bigwig named Ronald Pelosi—Nancy’s brother-in-law.
Fifty failures, Green Corruption blog lists a total of 50 Obama green energy busts: 23 bankrupt, 27 teetering. As of 10/23/12 at least $15 billion in green taxpayer money is either going or gone, most funneled to Obama Demo cronies.
Only 17% of the roughly 211,000 new jobs in 2009 and 2010 were in the green tech areas targeted by the Obama adm. Obama threw $80 billion at the green industry to end up with 35,870 jobs—that’s over $2 million per job. (politifact).
Volt fires—the regime suppressed news about the GM volt battery fires for months.
Lightsquared vacked by Obama donors Phillip Falcone and Soros, was fast tracked nationwide satellite phone network. LightAquared filed for bankrupty 5/14/12. (Human Events).
Obamaphones, tracfone Wirelesss CEO Pollack and his wife are big Obama donors and bundlers, they are supplying taxpayer funded FREE cell phones to the poor. (Washington free beacon).
Petrobras—soros backed increased his stake in Brazils state controlled oil company for over $800 million just days before Obama committed $2 billion in taxpayer loans.
UAW—THEY DONATED $1 MILLION TO Obama super pac and another million to super pacs for dems in Sept. nothing to do with loans??? (powerline)

Porkulus—Biden warned “we know some of this money is going to be wasted”. Weatherization schemes, loony grants and bat-friendly cupolas to cover up its real purpose –a dem slush fund.
GM bailout—one of my clients was directly threaten by the White House to withdraw its opposition to the deal under the threat that the full force of the WH press corps would destroy its reputation if it continued to fight, re Tom Lauria Chrysler shareholders attorney —picking dealers. (WJR radio).
Delphi Pensions—non union workers lost nearly their entire pensions but union workers of the UAW saw their pensions topped off and made whole. 20,000 non union pensions were terminated. (powerline)
Unemployment—after the election the numbers changed by 78,000
Povery—census bureau report—released after the election finds that the number of poor people in America climbed 712,000 in 2011. the official report that came out in Sept. had the numbers dropping..
Bank failures—industry analysts and consultants concluded that Dodd-Frank would cause thousands of small banks to disappear. A month before the election (10/4)– Gandels’ fact check insisted since Dodd-Frank small banks would grow more profitable. (fortune)
Visitors log—claiming a transparent adm the WH released the logs only when forced by a lawsuit revealing 22 visits by SEIU Stern and Ayers, Wright, Kelly, Shabazz
Vacations— michelle spent an estimated $10 million of taxpayer money in jut one year on pricey vacations (UK daily mail).
Entertainment—Obama’s spent exponentially more on entertainment that previous adm—one state dinner ran more that $1 million—the parties are catered by a guy whose business partner is the deputy chief of the state dept office of Protocol. (Washington examiner)

Sources shown above and rush


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