With the ever-changing story on the attack on the embassy, the administration seems to have settled on something approaching a final version.
Citizens in countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa gathered to protest the “the innocence of Muslims” a video on You Tube.
Protest that began peacefully outside the US embassy in Cairo and elsewhere grew more violent as extremists decided to take advantage of the unrest. At the United Nations general assembly on 9/25, Obama argued that the video “must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity”—WHAT ABOUT THE FOUR DEAD AMERICANS?.
Jay Carney on 11/27, “there was no protest outside the Benghazi facility”—guess they walk around with weapons for the hell of it!.
Carney elaborated—the breach of our embassy in Cairo was directly in response to the video and was started as a protest outside of our embassy in Cairo.
This story leaves out what is arguably the most important detail: the role of al-Qaeda in the attacks. It’s a sanitized version of reality.
The events seem to have been planned as much to gain attention, as they were to do lasting damage. That’s the optimistic interpretation. But neither is it the work of a group that is “on a path to defeat” as the president claimed during his speech at the Demo convention a week before the attacks.
As one US official told the Weekly there are indications the attacks were planned as “an information operation” by Al-Q, it was t demonstrated that the al-Q ideology is still relevant in the post-Arab spring world. Al-Q released a video starring the groups; leader, Ayman Al Zawahirti calling for revenge for the killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi. (to kill the crusaders) and that’s what they did the very next day. In the ideological a war, Zawahiri claimed, al-Q is winning.
“This liar Obama is trying to deceive the Americans that he will achieve victory against al-Q through killing this person or that person, and escapes from the truth that hi was defeated in Iraq, Tunisia and Libya,”
“ he is running from the fact that al-Q has achieved its real mission, which is to incite the Ummah and this is the warning for America’s defeat, Allah willing.
Both Zawahiri and Shehato were directly involved in the events of 9/11/12. and on 9/17 Ashush would issue a fatwa calling for makers of the innocence to be killed.
The administration ignores the obvious, “the Cairo demonstration was not just anti-American or anti-blasphemy. It was an ostentatious pro al-Q affair.
The protestors chanted: “Obama. Obama we are all Osama”. Al-Q in Iraq’s flag was hoisted after the US embassy walls were breached. Dozens of similar flags from al-Q affiliated or inspired groups also were put up. Zawajiri admits that he helped incite the protest in Cairo, “we called for the peaceful protest joined by different Islamic faction. Including the Islamic Jihad Hazem abu Ismael movement. The eponymous Hazen Abu Ismael party is led by a hardliner Salafist ideologue who has honored Osama as a “martyr”. In reality Mohammed was tasked with establishing terrorist cells and coordination the activities of Al-Q affiliated jihadists seeking a new, post –Afghanistan battlefield to fight on. 10/24 Egyptians authorities raided an apartment building in the Nasr City and have publicly alleged that the cell has ties to the attack in Benghazi and to al-Q. while the Obama adm is reluctant to finger al-Q affiliated organizations for the Benghazi attack, it has been privately pressuring Egypt to disrupt a terror network littered with Al –Q connections. Also arrested was Kashef who trained terrorists who took part in the attack in Benghazi.
Zawahiri “we support all jihad movements in the world and see in them the hope of the nation and its frontlines towards it bright future”. Some Arabic publications have described Kashef as a senior Al-Q leader. Investigators revealed that Kashef had close links to the Al-Q leader Zawahiri. He masterminded several operations. He got the green light to carry out further jihadist operations in Egypt and Libya.
The Obama adm has repeatedly said that members of the militia took part in the Benghazi assault but has sought to distinguish the group from al-Q. Kashef has admitted to traveling to Libya and assisting Sharia which US officials suspect organized the attack on the consulate.
Multiple reports confirm that Sharia members involved in the attack were in contract with Al-Q in the Islamic Maghreb who has sworn allegiance to Zawahiri. CNN has reported that some of the Benghazi terrorists are suspected of having ties to Al-Q in Iraq, another al-Q affiliate loyal to the senor Zawahiri.
The only connection the Obama adm has publicly drawn between the events in Cairo and Benghazi on 9/11 is a supposedly spontaneous reaction to anti Islam film. But the facts tell a different story one that points directly at al-Q.
Sheikh Zindani, played a key role in the purchase of weapons on behalf of al-Q and other terrorist. Zindani used the anti-Islam film as a pretext to unleash an assault on the US embassy.
On 9/14 the embassy in Tunis came under siege, the group responsible is Ansar al Sharia Tunisia who has numerous ties to Al-Q. he is headed by an infamous jihadist named Hassine also know as al Tunisi. Hassine reportedly met with both Osama and Zawahiri.
Hassines TCG assisted al-Q in the assassination of Massoud.
Sami ben Khemais Essid was formerly the head of Al-Q in Italy. Essid plotted to attack the US embassy in Rome in early 2001 before he was arrested and convicted of terrorism. The Mehdi Kammoun worked for Essid who sent millions to training camps organized by al-Q in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both were freed from prison in the wake of the Arab Spring. Tunisian authorities arrested more than 140 people after the ransacking of the US embassy in Tunis, including many Ansar al Sharia members.
Zawahiri said “after their consecutive defeats they are working form behind against and traitors”. “Their awe is lost and their might is gone and they done dare to carry out a new campaign like their past ones in Iraq and Afghanistan”.
Zawahiri deliberately linked the Sept. assaults on US diplomatic faculties to the jihadist broader war on America and its allies. It is a connection the Obama adm refuses to make, even as the investigation into the Benghazi attack has broadened to these very same countries.


Sources-weekly standard, tom joscelyn, abc, cnn,wsj


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