Man after all these years I thought the Tea Party people were suppose to be the violent ones? BUT—-
When the privileges of labor unions are addressed by democratically elected legislature—usually during harsh economic times—you can be sure that the unions will descend on state capitals with marches, epithets, threats of violence, violence, illegal occupations, and vandalism. Take Wisconsin in 2011. Governor Walker faced the union and it required him to stand firm in the face of the very worst those and their demo allies in the legislature could throw at him. Literally.
Michigan governor Rock Snyder was forced to announce last month that on the whole he would rather not sign legislation making Michigan one of the most heavily unionized states in American, a right to work state. However fellow republicans in the legislature, who saw that voters just rejected a controversial pro-union referendum to guarantee and enshrine union prerogative in the state constitution.
So to make Michigan more competitive and create jobs, they voted to make it a right-to-work state. Gov Snyder signed the measure into law but not before the state capitol at Lansing had come to resemble Madison, WI. Of last years marches, sit-ins, violent threats and violence.
Which brings us to the second thing we have learned—how the media treats mass demonstration is governed largely by who’s doing the demonstration. We need hardly recount the non-coverage of giant pro-life marches in Washington, the discredited of assaults and racial epithets at the birth of the Tea Party movement in 2009. So contentious media coverage of peaceful demonstrations is especially galling in light of the media blackout on union violence.
Union mobs are consistently bathed in silence about violence that does happen. Union voices in Michigan have called for “civil war” or that union demonstrators have randomly assaulted opponents and destroyed property. The Toledo Blade reported that the demonstrations in Lansing were “mostly peaceful”


Source—weekly standard,


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