CHINA: educated Chinese who constitute the nations elite opinion-formers all now know that the combined wealth of this one family is well over $1 billion. Apparently the Chinese also have class warfare. Disparity between china’s wealthy and it’s poor. More that 150 million Chinese in the countryside live on less that $1.50 a day. The gap between the richest and poorest has been widening. (no mention of this from Obama).
There are grave doubts as to whether the Chinese system with its flagrant corruption and gross inequalities at every level is physically and intellectually capable of such fundament reforms.
During the last 30 years of Mao’s rule 70 million Chinese were killed! Chinese communist capitalism has produced economic growth on a colossal scale. But along with that has come comparable corruption and huge disparities in wealth that could eventually detonate an explosion of rage and violence.
By electing Obama to a second term we are following Britain’s positions they took by electing Stanley Baldwin in the 1930’s: safety first, avoid all the big issues, prefer palliatives to fundament solutions, leave the budget unbalanced and simply contract new layers of debt. Leave unresolved such major issues as Iran’s nuclear program and neglect the nations defenses.

Source—forbes, paul Johnson


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