beaten but not giving up

You all knew that Obama won re-election didn’t you, as he reminds us daily as he rubs it in. Yes, he won and he has the right to remind us as often as the media allows him the time. But what did he actually beat, a republican party who couldn’t take advantage of the numerous problems he presented to them on a silver platter. Add the passing of the “fiscal Cliff” victory and us conservatives are again watching the parade go by for another four years.

So after two and half months after his victory I have finally put away the rope, unloaded my guns, put the poison away, got down off of the bridge, stopped standing in the middle of I-29. The police did make me get off of the railroad tracks and suicide hot line hung up on me and so I guess its time to get back to the battle against this narcissist, who I feel is taking our country in a socialist direction and continue to try to educate people on just what he is doing behind our back with the executive orders and the “deals” with the United Nations. Why is he so worried about U. S. citizens right to own a firearm? Why isn’t he telling us what a great country we have instead of the constant direction of taking us down to a third world status. We are in debt up to our eyebrows and our grandchildren will be the ones to pay it off.

His anti-colonial system is his dream of America in the future. Are you ready for this change? We will be lucky if his military cuts don’t take us to less than third world status. Why does he feel that successful people who had to work and sacrifice to make a go of their business now be willing to give it up and “share” it with those who have not worked as hard. Everybody has an equal opportunity to succeed, but why are those who make it being forced to forego their efforts.
And to the republican party another laughter of an attempt to run a campaign. They were given dozens and dozens of Obama failures to display before the American people, but they ignored the open door. What a bunch of mis-fits we have trying to run our party. Where were the hard questions being asked of Obama, where were the ads pointing out his failures, his mistakes?

Again conservatives are left with empty promises and zero results. How can we be so inapt, so behind the times, so in the dark on how to win? Obama has beaten them like a drum and he deserves the credit for making fools out of them again.
So am I going to give up—no way in h—, I’m going to continue to point out his failures, his behind the scenes deals, his going around the constitution and the out of control spending of both parties, as both parties are at fault. The congress needs to be cleaned out and replaced with people who can put America first ahead of personal gains and personal wealth.
And do not forget the raises he just tried to hand (executive order—$11 billion over 10 years) out in the middle of this major “ Fiscal Cliff”—now people that is “guts”, something the republican’s lack.



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