The UN Space Generation Advisory Council sponsored a 2012 competition called “move an asteroid”. The goal was to invite technical papers outlining creative ways to combat a potential collision with planet earth. MIT Sung Wook Paek, advised shooting five tons of paintball pellets at the asteroid. White paint to reflect sunlight its trajectory could be modified away from earth. The scheme requires 20 years notice.

Thanks to a National Science Foundation grant, more than a half-million taxpayer dollars were spent developing a video game simulation of a high school prom. It’s call prom week.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel according to the UK Daily, 70 public schools have a problem engaging parents. So Chicago is awarding $25.00 Walgreen gift cards to parents for behavior that used to be standard: attending teacher conferences and picking up their children’s report cards. The Mayor calls his program “incentivizing responsible parenting”.

As Breitbart reports the US department of Agriculture has paid consultants from Chicago to conduct a series of “diversity training workshops”, where attendees are ordered to pound on a table and chant “Our forefathers were illegal immigrants”. The company Souder, Betances and Assoc has taken in over $200,000 taxpayer dollars to run such seminar for USDA workers.

DC—CBS reports that if public health experts have their way, smokers worldwide will be required to carry a special “smokers” license to obtain tobacco. Simon Chapman advocates a mandatory license or smartcard to purchase tobacco products. And don’t forget the anti-everything control-freak zealots are the same people who insist they are “pro-choice—because (when it came to abortion) no one should be able to tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body.

The DHS has spent $430 million in taxpayer money on inter-agenscy radios. The new radios are equipped with a common secure channel for use in the event of a national emergency. Breitbart said the radios were distributed to 123,000 government employees across the country—a cost of almost #3,500 per radio—and surprise agents don’t know how to use them. Of the 479 employees surveyed only one person was able to use the secure channel. A full 79% did not even know that the channel existed. Of those who did know about the channel a quarter did not know how to find it. Only 20% of the radios tested had the proper settings to access the common channel.

A Alzheimer’s facility HealthBridge in Newington, CT , the NLRB has asked a judge to force the Connecticut nursing home to rehire union employees who went on strike. Including workers who committed heartless acts of sabotage against Alzheimer’s patients. The Washington examiner said members of SEIU walked of the job after their wages were raised by 2.2%, but benefits and pensions were cut. As they left union members switched nametags on the doors in the ward, removed identifying photos on medical charts and stole medical equipment. NRLB lawyer Thomas Quigley sided with the SEIU demanding that the nursing facility rehire all employees including the saboteurs.


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