As a retired 68-year-old grandfather I watch in amazement on just how the landscape of America is changing in my lifetime. These reflections are meant to be non-political with the focus being on the event, the action or the words spoken, which has slowly over the years turned us from a once world power, the engine of the world, the world haven to becoming just one of the many nations in the world. This letter is a vehicle for thought; hopefully to you make you think of where we were and where we are headed.
To me it seemed to have started in the 90” when we were worried about the definition of what the word “IS,” meant, instead of what had happened.
We have gone from working together to being at each others throats, just to get ahead, the country be damned. We have become a country of which person is in power can get the most power, money for their party and associates. Why do we have over 250 millionaires in congress? There must one heh of an attraction to run for any office. Could it be power and money or just plain greed?
We now push class warfare instead of CLASS. We have become a country of have and have not’s with redistribution as our only answer.
How have we become a nation who has forgotten the constitution and done everything we can do to go around it? Don’t you have to ask yourself how smart our founding father were to write such a governing set of laws, to foresee into the future, only to have it shredded today by executive orders and regulations which goes around it’s very principals.
Why all of the sudden isn’t it functional any longer—could it be it just doesn’t suit our current greedy office holders and our lifestyles. That we go around it to have it work when it will benefit the current agenda, our way of thinking, our way to make money and to grab power. Is this what we have become, the sole goal of being today’s ruling class and make up the rules as we go. Let a few rich backers put the strings for the good of the country or for their own good, which is it going to be?
From a document that has served generation after generation fairly and with justice has now all but been tossed in the waste can. The constitution can’t be interrupted to benefit one person, one party or to be used as a source to control and gain power. It was written to benefit the “PEOPLE” of American not just the elected few.
It was written for all people and it has served us in becoming the greatest nation on earth—not one in rapid decline. What are we leaving the next generation?
To continue to circumvent the constitution with executive orders (both parties) and hundreds and hundreds of regulations, with the wasteful spending without regard for the future is not what the constitution was written for. Yes take our guns, our rights, our freedoms but all you will have left is a country unworthy of being a part of.
You must as American citizens stand up and be heard or accept the fate dealt to you.


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