Unemployment rate fails to drop, jobs created drops, forget the dropouts from the job market. Qaddafi is overthrown, Benghazi however the president bears no responsibility.
Numerous government favors doled out by Obama mainly to the unions, teachers, Hispanics, single mothers but who’s counting. This may have looked like shameless exploitation of his high office or is it skillful politicking by the master.
THE MEDIA, it’s intermittently fair and even-handed but overall what’s distinctive about the press coverage of Obama is the absence of fault-finding, criticism and dogged questioning. When he makes excuses the media tend to echo them!
Never has the press corps been so unwilling to pursue stories that might cst the president in an unflattering light. As a group the media pride themselves on taking an adversarial approach to politicians and government officials, but in Obama’s case the press acts like a helpmate. They seem fearful of offending Obama. He is the first president to instill coverage anxiety, conscious or unconscious.
The media raised questions about his motives the constitutionally of his policies and his brainpower, in their coverage of Bush.
Obama’s adoption of these same policies has drawn minimal attention, and a few weeks ago when Obama signed a bill extending the use of warrentless wiretapping to gather intelligence on America’s enemies, Bush was harshly criticized but not Obama??? WHY
Obama promised not to do signing statements, yet he has continued the practice, eliciting some coverage but none of the outrage directed at Bush.
In combat terrorism Bush was accused of exceeding presidential authority but Obama has made recess appointments when the senate wasn’t in recess and rewritten parts of immigration and welfare laws by executive order, clearly stretching his authority beyond constitutional limits. The press praised the immigration change and winked at the others. Actions that would have aroused the press if committed by Bush didn’t with Obama?
Fast and Furious and Benghazi still sits.
Hurricane Sandy created damage in the billions, and the role of the Obama and his adm. In handling the emergency was scarcely addressed by the media.
Bush had claimed in speech after speech that dems who opposed his policies were putting “party before country”. “how dare the president make such a dastardly claim, but repeated mentions of “party before country” by Obama have been treated as perfectly acceptable. Then Obama insisted on selective enforcement of federal immigration law and refused to defend in court the defense of Marriage Act—where was the media?
Obama’s white house leaded highly classified national security intelligence to make the president look good—where is the media?
Broken promises are the least of Obama shortcomings, but the press corps loves to zing presidents for reneging on campaign vows—but not on Obama? Obama promised a press conference a month, immigration bills his first year in office, regular meetings with leaders of both parties in congress and unprecedented transparency throughout his administration. He kept none of them prompting media near-silence. No budget, jobs council that has never met and what else?

Source—weekly standard, fred barnes


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