Obama you must pressure your elected officials to push for gun control. Cuomo no one needs 10 bullets—with NY crime rate as high as it is, why are they releasing more prisoners back into the public sector before their time is up? And it nobody needs a 10 round clip; the NYPD will be in violation of his new gun laws. (They will have to remove three bullets from their clips).
NRA wants a policeman in every school. And they feel the mental health system needs an overhaul. What do you do with all the guns being used to protect the politicians, the President and the Hollywood types? Chicago has one of the highest crime rates in the nation, even with all the gun laws they have. There is a new video game out on how to kill members of the NRA. Airline pilots are asking for guns for the cockpit.

This new gun bill will create 6 new agencies to oversee the law. The executive orders he signed will cost the taxpayers $2.5 million. In 1982 26,000 died due to drunk drivers, now its 11,000. Law enforcement!
A judge has ruled against the recess appointments on the NLR board—ruled unconstitutional.
$120 million being paid to imamates and illegals through Medicare—wasted– even though the federal law prohibits payments to inmates.
There is roughly 1% fraud in the private sector while in government it’s around 10—waste on Medicare.
Keystone pipeline, the NE governor gave it a new route—still waiting on approval from Obama. There are 12 more pipeline in the planning stages waiting on the keystone approvals.
Debt ceiling, everybody scare to buck it, Obama ignores his own debt commission—FEAR FACTOR—nobody wants to cut spending. With 2% growth, we now have a “NO GROWTH GOVERNMENT”.
11 European countries have a transaction tax.
Credit card companies as of 1/27 retailer no longer have to pay a processing fee to the card companies.
Unions lost 400,000 jobs in 2012
91% of union campaign contributions went to the Dems.
Unions are strong in the government sector, as they do not have to compete with other business. Government merely just raises taxes to cover added cost.
Foreign aid—Clinton wants more aid for the mid-east and Africa and 25% increase for Egypt. 2008-10 $36,000 in earmarks ended up costing us $90 billion.
Schumner still wants more taxes. World leaders want $14 trillion for global warming.
Source fox financial news programs.


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