IN February the president says he won’t trade spending cuts for an agreement to raise the limit. He says he won’t negotiate with Republics, nor will his aides. Since Geithners is on the way out, Jacob Lew is nominates as his successor. Lew is a demo apparatchik who’s spent 30 years working for Tip O’Neil, Clinton and Obama. He’s a professional subordinate. The switch gives us a preview of the presidents second term.
The re-election has prompted him to mock and belittle republicans. He is becoming more polarizing. Obama threatened House speaker Boehner he’d use his Inaugural address and state of the union speech to blame republicans if they didn’t knuckle under on the fiscal cliff, which they did!
AGAIN OBAMA SAYS “WE DON’T HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM”, only a “health care problem”. Panetta who is going to be replaced by Hagel makes it that the president will not have anyone with independent stature.
Republicans who met with Lew in negotiations over the debt limit and fiscal cliff found him to be highly ideological obstinate and utterly impervious to their pleas for spending cuts and entitlement reforms. He doesn’t accept the responsibility that when all else fails he as president must be the ultimate dealmaker. Rather than compromise, he prefers to bludgeon them into a deal almost entirely on his terms.
Obama is so eager to take on republicans that he hasn’t bothered to produce a new agenda for his next four years.
Tax reform, entitlement reform, serious deficit and debt reduction, a grand bargain on spending and taxes—those are off the table given they require real compromise on both sides..

Source—weekly standard, fred barnes


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