A little long but a look at Reid
February 2010, API story on the dems job package, a mixture of spending provisions and tax credits, light on new initiatives on boosting hiring and heavy with provisions sought by lobbyist for business. By that next Monday Grassley and Baucus had reached a deal extending several tax credit that benefited business, keeping the staffs of Reid and McConnell the minority leader, informed of the negotiations.
The jobs bill including the carefully crafted tax deal was being scrapped, he reporters. Reid would instead introduce a new “pared-back” bill without the tax proposals that had engrage the left. He says things that “make you cringes”. Reid greeted a tall female west wing staffer y telling her she was his “favorite big woman” while Jarrett was his “favorite small woman”. He only meant that she was his favorite big woman at the white house. Members are frequently caught off guard when he decides to bring a bill up for debate. Reid will promise to allow a senator to present an important amendment only to change course at the last minute and claim he never made the promise at all. Asked what Reid style was Coburn stated “I’m not sure he has one”. Reid may be unreliable, but he also instills fear in the hearts of republicans and dems.
When Dean Heller wanted to present a bill on internet gambling, he was told by Reid that “HE” would be bringing the Internet gambling bill to the floor with a day. He offered an ultimatum to Heller—secure 15 additional GOP votes! The bill failed as if by Reid’s design.
During the summer of 2011, Reid and Krone traveled to the white house to debate over extending the debt limit by $2.7 trillion. Reid then turned the debate over to Krone—Reids’s plan included another round of defense cuts that Boehner and McConnell had “secretly pledged to honor”. Obama dismissed the idea saying he didn’t trust Boehner and MjcConnell. Krone could not conceal his anger at the president’s action. Krone—“the first rule that I’ve been taught is to have a plan B, and it is really disheartening that you, that this white didn’t not have a plan B”, several jaws dropped as the Hill staffer blasted the president to his face.

Take the reporters who cover congress seem more interested in getting along with Reid than in critically examining his reign. When asked to explain his tactic of blocking unwanted amendments and rushing through debate, and that he stymies meaningful debate in the senate, so they often use parliamentary procedures to protest. Why had he decided to gum up the amendment process in the first place, Reid dodged the question.
“we have to spend 8 to 10 senate days that’s a couple of weeks to get on a bill, we’ve arrived at the point where we don’t have time to do that. (CAN’T REVIEW A BILL)

When asked “do you think you should open the amendment process, that it might earn you some goodwill with the republicans”—Reid slowly turned looked at me and refused to answer again! In 2009 a reporter asked him to clarify a statement he had made on the senate floor, Reid told the reporters to “turn up your hearing aid”. He once introduced Political reporter Manu Raju to an aide as “the biggest pest in Washington”. The presidents fiscal cliff plan, the white house plan—why hasn’t that been put up for a vote yet in the senate and re you planning on putting it up for a vote”. Reid replied “I’m sorry, what”? Reid said liking confused. “The white house proposal that they floated around last week on capitol hill the reporter repeated—“I have no idea what you’re talking about okay?”
Reid even went as far as accusing Boehner of being a dictator.
Reid then talks about how the devastation to the Gulf Coast in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina was “nothing in comparison” to the damage done to the Northeast by Hurricane Sandy.
Reid knows what makes each senator tick: their motivations and their weakness and uses them to his fullest. If though he voted for going to war in Iraq he always talked against it.
Udal’s, Merkley see Reid as their champion, particularly on revising the filibuster rules to deprive Republicans of a procedural tool that’s useful to senate minorities. Reid’s majority PAC spent more than a million dollars running ads in the republican primary.
Reid also championed the sportsman Act, a bill supported by the National Rifle Association that would expand federal hunting and fishing land and was popular with Montanans. Reid has made false statements—Romney had not paid taxes for 10 years. In 2008 he praised the new Capitol Visitor Center as it gets hot here, you could literally “smell” the tourist coming into the capital. I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a republican. In April 2007 he said publicly that the war in Iraq was lost. (SEE ABOVE). REID CALLED HIS OWN STAFF “FAR TOO FAT” AND A MEMVBER OF THE Nuclear Regulatory Comm a “first class rat”, a
“miserable liar”, a “shit stirrer”, and a “tool of the nuclear industry. Reid referred to New York’s Kristen Gillibrand as the “hottest” senator and to Delaware senator Chris Coons as his “pet”. He’s praised NE demo Nelson “mop of real hair”. He lauded Obama in 2008 because Obmaa is “light-skinned” and doesn’t speak in a “Negro dialect”. “Unless he wanted to have one”.
Reid has led the charge to end the wars in Iraq and AFG. He helped pass one of the largest federal spending programs in history, the 2009 stimulus package. Under Reid’s leadership, congress and the president have enacted some of the most prized achievements on the domo agenda: Wall Street regulations, repeal of the military don’t ask don’t tell policy and Obamacare. In his six years as demo majority leader, Reid has done more institutional damage to the senate than any leader in history. The senate has seen some of its most unproductive [periods ever. Appropriations bill for national defense, agriculture and transportation take months instead of weeks to pass—but al least they pass… most legislation is issued directly form the majority leader or his surrogates instead of from the committees, where the parties have to deal with each other. The result has been two years of fruitless debate over partisan bills with little to show for it. The senate hasn’t passed a budget—one of its basic functions—since 4/29/09. But it has been Reid’s abuse of power that has been the most destructive element of his tenure.
In the senate each member has two basic rights: to debate and to amend legislation. Individual senators, even those in the minority have considerable power, there’s no requirements in the senate that an amendment be germane to the bill. This means minority senator can use the debate period to bring unrelated issue to the public square and every senator has the opportunity to say his piece. To avoid a filibuster, senate rules allow for the body to invoke cloture—a procedure to end debate on a pending bill or resolution so that the matter can be voted on. But under Reid rule, republican’s senators are often unable to offer amendments as a result of Reids tactic of “filing the amendment tree”. In order to block amendments. Reid files dummy amendments that fill the slate. Once cloture is invoked and not more amendments can be offered. Reid simply retracts his dummy amendments. Reid will also file cloture on the same day debate on a bill begins—sometimes even before the first word of debate has been uttered. Same day cloture filings had increased over the last decade, particularly under the leadership of republican bill Frist. Between 1993 and 2006 same day cloture filing numbered 219, in the last six years. Reid and his surrogates have exceeded that number filing same day cloture motions 223 times.
Merkley and the Udall’s have been pressuring Reid to change the cloture rules to make it more difficult for the minority party to filibuster. To do so, Reid would like have to impose the so-called nuclear option changing the rules by way of a simple majority rather that the three-fifths majority usually required, it’s something he’s done before through few noticed. Oct 2011 the senate was debating a bill on currency exchange rates, Reid filed for cloture which passed, the republicans moved seven times to suspend the rules to allow votes on their amendment, Reid responded with a point of order, arguing the motions to suspend were dilatory and out of order. At the recommendation of the parliamentarian, Reid in an unprecedented move, appealed the chair’s ruling. That meant Reid got a simple majority vote to overturn the ruling and change the senate rules regarding motions to suspend. Republicans didn’t press the point, but the precedent for Reid’s unilaterally changing the senate rules had been set.
“If some in the majority had their way and overruled the senate parliamentarian and the rules of the senate were illegally changed so that the majority ruled tyrannically then the senate—billed to all as the world’s greatest deliberative body—would cease to exist”. The man who wrote that warning was none other that Reid himself.

Source—weekly standard, mike warren


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