Sunni Islam is at war with Shia Islam and both Sunni Islam and Shia Islam are at war with the rest of the infidel world.
Obama arms Hezbollah, sends 200 armored vehicles to Lebanon reveals that the Obama administration is arming Hezbollah which is Shia and a terrorist organization. Spencer explains that Obama is playing both sides of the fence. He recently gave the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt a $1 billion “aid” package. So Obama simply had to do something for Hezbollah out of fairness. Both aid packages will be used to try and destroy Israel.

I looked up to see which organizations have “terrorist” designation. Here is the official US State Department list. The Taliban is not on the list! Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah are still on the list. This means the Obama administration committed an act of treason when they sent weapons to Hezbollah. Only Russia considers the Muslim Brotherhood to still be a terrorist organization.
And the CIA were in Libya to make sure that the weapons did not fall into the wrong hands. The Russians must be both confused and non progressive.

Obama gave 38 million rounds of ammo to Hezbollah in this latest display of generosity. Now he wants to disarm America—We will never give up out guns!

Source—robert spencer


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