Even though his opposition towards Israel Hagel is poised to become the next Secretary of State and then add his seeming indifference to a nuclear-armed Iran, but will his confirmation questions even approach our defense needs?
In September of 2011, he stated the Defense Department was “bloated”, adding: “the pentagon needs to be pared down. I don’t think our military has really looked at themselves strategically, critically in a long time”.
He will see his appointment as a mandate for cutting defense spending regardless of strategic considerations. Look at a precedent when Truman appointed Louis Johnson as SOS. Truman was committed to a drastic reduction in defense expenditures in order to fund his domestic program, essentially a continuation of the New Deal. The first SOS James Forrestal argued that in light of emerging threats, defense budget cuts were too deep, Truman asked for his resignation and replaced him with Johnston, whom most historians regard as a partisan hack. As Truman’s hatchet man, his implementing drastic defense cuts for their won sake, independent of the threat environment. Truman sa the defense budget as what was left over after subtracting the cost of domestic programs for total government tax receipts. They both believed they could foresee the future that the US atomic monopoly constituted an adequate defense against all external threats, reducing if not eliminating the need for conventional forces.
Johnson was especially hostile to the Navy and the Marine Corps. In 1949 he told admiral Conolly “the Navy is on its way out. There’s no reason for having a Navy and Marine corps. We’ll never have any more amphibious operations. That does awat with the Marine Corps. And the Air Force can do anything the Navy can do nowadays, so that does away with the Navy.
The ranking chief on Naval operations, Denfeld were either fired or forced to resign. (ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR).
Obama has appointed Hagel for the same reason that Truman appointed Johnson: to take an axe to the Pentagon in order to free up money for the presidents expanded welfare state. Panetta and Gates have warned that substantial defense cuts will adversely affect national security, Hagel like Johnson in 1949, seems to relish the opportunity to gut the defense budget without regard to geopolitical realities.

Source—weekly stands. mackubin thomas owens

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