Otherwise being hidden by the name of Sequestration. Our wonderful politicians are only going for $85 billion in cuts—just a few days worth of spending.
Police and Fire will be cut (doesn’t he know that the money comes from state and local funds. 10,000 teachers will be cut again—funds come from where? It is now at $16.5 trillion. TSA will be cut by 2%. Kid care and disturbed adults-emotionally disturbed will go untreated, and air controllers to be cut by thousands. $4 million being cut from meals on wheels. Prisoners to be released, mentally ill will see $373,000 in cuts and EMT’s will also see cuts. Food inspector’s jobs to be cut by 2100. Kids will not have food. FBI agents will be furloughed just like at the Pentagon. Borders agents hours will be cut too. 100,000 will lose primary care and preventive care services. Small business loans have been reduced by $902 million. The IRS will suffer cuts and there will be less tax return audits (hell they don’t have time to audit the Fed, so what). OSHA will see 1200 job cuts. 125,000 families will risk losing their homes. Unemployment benefits will be cut by 9.4%. 73% of consumers are already cutting back on their spending—why not the government?
All it would take is a 2% cut in all government spending. The payroll tax increase has many companies worried about a decrease in sales.
How about these for cuts—$12 billion energy windmill credit, $20 billion in waste in Sandy bill, and $175b in higher education subsidies, foreign aid, tort reform, taxes on investments.
At the current rate of spending Obama will amass a deficit of $26 trillion in 10 years.
Teachers unions protesting the test, which is judging them and they are blaming corporate America. Refusing to give standardized test is pushing a corporate agenda in the classroom. Aren’t they the ones who do the hiring? Could tenure have anything to do with it?
Meat has gone up over 10% so far this year. Is inflation just around the corner? China is continuing to cyber attack the USA—why isn’t the government doing something about it? Is our debt to them holding us back? Where’s the outcry over the gasoline prices that damn Bush! Maybe the keystone pipeline could help, jobs, even the unions want the pipeline. It would cut dependence on overseas sources by 8%—just a guess on my part?
There is a new law that allows job seekers to sue for “jobless discrimination” at some states—think one is NY.
None of the above even addresses the coming cost of the new immigration policies coming down the pipe. Even some dem’s (HOWARD DEAN) are starting to warn the middle class about the upcoming tax increases that they are going to have to pay or forgo some entitlements. To bad he didn’t speak out before the election.
Universal studios dropped HC coverage on part time workers. Businesses cutting hours to keep people off of HC insurance.
Boeing unions want to vote to strike over a 401k in place of current retirement plan; this is for just new hires only. Currently Boeing has a $20 billion pension liability.

Source—fox news

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