What is it about “compromise” that Obama doesn’t understand? Is it that he and the dems would have to give up something? Is a bipartisan deal unappealing simply because Obama and the dems would have to share the credit with the republicans?
Let’s take the current issue of Immigration, what makes us think after Obamacare and stimulus that this issue will be any different. Twice he has raised his demands so high that a grand bargain with republicans on taxes and spending was impossible, first in 2011 then in 2012.Obama said the agreement is “very much in line with the principles I’ve proposed and campaigned on”, yet he’s dissatisfied.
He would tilt the deal in a demo direction by putting the 11 million illegal immigrants in this country instantly on a path to American citizenship. The senate agreement is a true compromise. Both sides gave up a lot and should it pass in some form or other, neither will be able to claim exclusive victory. The eight senators issued a set of principles for rewriting immigration laws. The aim is to pass the legislation by the August recess.
The compromise would do three important things, illegal immigrants would be given legal status immediately, they wouldn’t be eligible for federal benefits but they wouldn’t be deported either. Second, they would gain green cards and be allowed to apply for citizenship in 8-12 years after a special commission has certified America’s southern border as secure. Third, the newly legalized would go to the end of the immigration line.
This time, so-called regular order will be followed—hearing, mark-ups and debates, a senate-house conference, a bill on the president’s desk. Four dems yielded on a guest worker program, which dems usually oppose. They accepted a “trigger” based on quantifiable improvements in border security to clear the path to citizenship. They yielded on federal benefit, obamacare include, which the new residents won’t get. And they agreed to increase the number of highly skilled and educated workers given green cards, plus billions more to enhance border security.
The republicans have to accept the 11 million could become citizens. Simple amnesty the undocumented workers would be legal residents of the USA. Republicans also accepted the Dream Act.
As for obama he can either decide that he wants to be part of the solution or he can decide he wants to be part of the political issue and try to trigger a bidding war. Scrapping the guest worker program would also alienate republicans the business community and those conservatives who regard it correctly as an alternative to illegal border crossing. Organized labor has long opposed the program and was instrumental in killing it in the 1960’s. In 2007 he backed a bipartisan bill, while for amendments certain to scare off republicans. One was to kill the guest work provision after 5 years. Demanding immigration reform be speeded up or he’ll unleash his own proposal. Coming form a president who promised to tackle immigration in his first year, then waited until after his reelection.

Source—weekly standard, fred barnes


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