Republicans are tempted by the prospect of allowing the “sequester”. As an enforcement mechanism for the 2011 debt ceiling deal—sequester goes into effect on 3/1/13. Republicans are in favor of cutting domestic spending. This program makes no reforms to big ticket entitlements, it is aimed at defense cuts, and Obama has been utterly unserious about dealing with spending and that he’s now disingenuously criticizing a sequester he proposed and insisted on in 2011. The house should prevent further tax increases, and for that matter domestic spending increases, regardless of how the sequester battle turns out. This sequester will do great harm to defense. The house should pressure the senate and the president to come to the table and agree to an acceptable alternative, one that would avoid crippling military that’s already suffered from large and arbitrary cuts imposed by the Obama white house. One result to date is that the Harry S Truman would not sail to cover in Iran. This leaves only the John C Stennis in the gulf. This means our aircraft presence in the Persian ‘Gulf will be reduced from 2 to 1 carrier. We need one carrier inside and one outside the Strait of Hormuz ensures that the Iranian Navy is constantly aware that any attempt to close the Strait will result in an overwhelming military response. The failure to deploy the Truman will greatly strengthen the argument that the US is not only in retreat but also entering a terminal decline in power and influence. It is likely to encourage Iranian military adventurism. This is just the tip of the sequester iceberg. A GREAT POLITICAL PARTY ON MATTERS OF GREAT MOMENT, PUTS NATIONAL DEFENSE AND THE NATIONA INTEREST FIRST.

White House details state-by-state impact of looming sequester cuts.
White House’s new analyses lay out the effects sequestration will have on education programs, military preparedness and public health in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
The $85 billion in spending cuts is split roughly half between the Pentagon and non-defense programs. In their new report, the White House says sequestration would force the Navy to cancel maintenance for 11 separate ships in Norfolk, Va., and that the cuts would mean $146 million less for operational funding for Army bases in the state. In California, the reports say, sequestration would cause around 8,000 children to lose Head Start services, deprive some 15,000 children of needed vaccines and result in 3,000 fewer victims of domestic violence receiving services. Sequester could cause furloughs at the Federal Aviation Administration and cost teachers around the country their jobs. “Republicans in the House have voted – twice – to replace President Obama’s sequester with smarter spending cuts,” said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel in a statement. “The White House needs to spend less time explaining to the press how bad the sequester will be and more time actually working to stop it.” After the fiscal cliff deal signed earlier this year included some $600 billion in tax increases. McCain (R-Ariz.) said on CNN’s “State of the Union on Sunday. “The president should be calling us over somewhere, Camp David, the White House, somewhere, and sitting down and trying to avert these cuts.
“We’ve been talking about this for a year and asking the president for a year to come forward,” Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) added on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “In the campaign, he said this wasn’t going to happen. It’s time for him to lead this effort as the commander-in-chief of this country.”
IF WE ARE HURTING FOR MONEY HOW IN THE HELL CAN WE AFFORD TO DO A 100 CITY TOUR ON SQUESTER??? The Obama administration has launched a 100-city tour that has dispatched officials from multiple federal agencies to help communities tap into new government spending. “If Washington is truly cutting spending on missions many consider vital, how can we at the same time promise and promote more financial assistance, much less afford this mammoth 100 city cross country tour?” “It is important that we as public officials lead by example—BY NOT SPENDING MONEY FOR THIS. Officials from the White House, Labor, EPA, JUD, TRANSPORTATION, COMMERCE all descended earlier this month on Beaverton, Ore., a small city that has received extensive attention in recent months from the Obama administration, including a grant for a sustainable community awarded earlier this month. Coburn’s letter questioned why so many federal officials needed to visit the city, when it has already shown a strong ability to win federal monies with $2 million in recent grants. He said the specter of the larger tour conflicted with the doomsday scenarios the White House has been talking about in recent days in pressuring Congress to forestall the so-called sequester cuts that could leave to widespread federal layoffs, reductions in park services and significant reductions in military patrols. It is somewhat surprising, therefore, for the White House to be headlining a 100 city government spending tour, transporting representatives from multiple departments and various agencies around the country to promote federal largesse’.
Mr. President, Washington has a spending problem. Ann Wagner Missouri congresswoman.
In 2011, President Obama devised sequestration to impose $1.2 trillion in arbitrary, across-the-board spending cuts between defense and non-defense spending over the next 10 years. Unfortunately, the president’s sequester fails to tackle the main drivers of our debt, which is entitlement spending. Democrats have failed to pass a budget in four years, and President Obama refuses to submit his budget on time to the American people. House Republicans have already passed two bills to avert the president’s sequester, The only plan President Obama has produced is to raise taxes and grow government. The president just raised taxes on all Americans last month. Here are a few examples of wasteful government spending that I am prepared to work with President Obama to cut:
· $2.2 billion in free cell phones
· $115 billion by reducing improper payments to people not authorized to receive these benefits
· $51.6 million in fees to public relations firms to promote Obamacare
· $1.2 million to pay seniors to play video games such as “World of Warcraft”
· $9.8 billion by reforming Medicaid loopholes
· $100 million in EPA grants to foreign countries
· $44 billion by requiring individuals to return overpayments in subsidies in Obamacare.

President Obama is giving demagoguery a bad name as he tests the limits of the short sightedness and ignorance of the American people. Obama, as he stepped off the golf course, said that sequestration, which was originally his idea, now would precipitate the destruction of the world as we know it. Republicans will be at fault, unless Obama comes up with substitute spending cuts, the sequester as previously agreed to by both parties and signed by the President will go through. The sequester is automatic. Ideally, cuts would be made where cuts should be made and not in other places. And the sequester does not affect entitlements, which are badly in need of restructuring. But get this: the sequester would cut one and a half percent from domestic spending. That’s about a week’s worth of government spending. if we don’t cut spending now and in this way, when in the world will we? Our “leader” has shown that he will not cut anything except the military unless he is forced to. So now Obama has outsmarted himself and signed off on a sequester that he thought would never come to pass. The notion that the sequester will throw us into a recession is absurd. It’s a $16 trillion economy. This is a drop in the bucket. I think the result will be just the opposite when reluctant businessmen, foreign investors and credit-rating agencies see that we are at least making a start toward deficit reduction.
House Democrats on Thursday recruited experts in the defense, education and healthcare sectors to press their case for preventing the sequester cuts scheduled to hit next week. The automatic cuts would not only kill jobs, but also devastate low-income families that benefit from education, public health and other federally funded programs. The cuts would cause “great, and in some cases, very permanent harm” to both the economy and national security. Obama has used his bully pulpit this week to travel around the country warning of the sequester’s harmful effects, GOP leaders in both the House and Senate say they’re willing to let those cuts take hold rather than accept Democratic demands that tax hikes be a part of an alternative deficit-reduction package. “If he wants to avert the sequester, shouldn’t the President be focused on the House of Congress that HASN’T acted, and where his own political party holds the majority?” Republicans have repeatedly pointed to two bills they passed through the House last year that would have averted the sequester’s defense cuts, largely by cutting deeper into other domestic programs. However, those bills expired with the end of the 112th Congress. Attacking Republicans for inaction and hoping public pressure forces GOP leaders to rethink their strategy.
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