New report exposes an unbelievable U.S. government purchase.
This is all on top of the 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition the U.S. government has already stockpiled, full-auto weapons, putting them in the hands of domestic agents who have nothing whatsoever to do with overseas wars…
2 billion rounds of ammunition round-stockpile purchased by the Department of Homeland Security and other national alphabet agencies in recent years. Moreover, as the White House and their cohorts in Congress contemplate the disarming of American
citizens, the very assault weapons purported to be so dangerous in the hands of law abiding gun owners a12-bushmaster-ruger-beretta-hk-smith-wesson-sig_01242013> are being purchased in mass quantities, by local and federal law enforcement agencies.
So what is the purpose and motivation behind the government¹s continued efforts to stockpile so much firepower?
If elected in 2008, he wanted to create a civilian national security force as big, as
strong and as well-funded as the Defense Department.
At a campaign stop in Colorado July 2, 2008: We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we¹ve set. We¹ve got to have a civilian national security force that¹s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. By 2013 and the highly unusual stockpiling of firearms and ammo by Homeland Security firearms and ammo that Obama would like to deny to ordinary citizens who are not members of his domestic army.
Department of Homeland Security need billions of rounds of ammunition? This is the agency that is responsible for policing the border. But it doesn¹t. So why does Homeland Security need so many weapons and enough hollow-point rounds to plug every American six times?
The official explanation? Target practice. As for concern about the type of bullets hollow points, which expand upon impact the statement said the type is standard issue² and is used during mandatory quarterly firearms qualifications and other training sessions. DHS is mobilizing for a significant future action against the American people.
The US military has been actively war-gaming worst-case scenarios large-scale-economic-breakdown-and-civil-unrest 11222010 that include economic collapse and civil unrest, going so far as to simulate wide-scale food riots. Just last month the military deployed gunships over Miami e-strafing-runs-troops-rappelling-from-choppers-and-road-blockades 0128201 and executed a training exercise with local police departments.
Houston, Tx., exercises also included ground forces, armored personnel carriers and tanks but-why on the streets of St. Louis. Despite overwhelming opposition, there is an overt and focused movement to disarm Americans. Those calling for this disarmament qualify their positions by claiming these weapons are not necessary for sporting, hunting, or personal defense. As if this provision of the US Constitution doesn¹t even exist, there is a total blackout on the fundamental intent of the Second Amendment .
Heavily armored vehicles have been spotted all over the country. And many local law
enforcement agencies have taken possession of these vehicles, normally reserved for military engagements, and have put them to use in neighborhoods and communities around America.
Congress has authorized the deployment of some 30,000 surveillance
drones in the skies of America-us_112011>, to be available for use by intelligence agencies by 2015 The National Security Agency is building a massive spy center
largest-spy-center-in-the-country_042012> capable of recording, aggregating and analyzing every digital interaction on the planet phones, internet, purchasing patterns, travel, and even what we say in the privacy of our own homes. In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, has created legislation that directly targets American citizens. The Patriot Act makes it possible for anyone who is identified as attempting to subvert government legitimacy as a terrorist, and also allows for the warrantless wiretapping of everyone for any reason. Under the Patriot Act and expanded government definitions, just about anyone now qualifies as a domestic terrorist.

The National Defense Authorization Act takes the Patriot Act even further, allowing the government to detain anyone suspected of being a terrorist indefinitely and without trial this includes American citizens living in the United States. The President specifically claimed he would create a civilian national security police force as large as the US military. If he meant it, then we¹re talking about 2 million or so civilians that will be armed, deputized and backed by the government. To do what? We¹re not quite sure.
America. They have been designed for you.


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