Nearly every piece of legislation passed by Congress and signed by the executive branch contains specific exemptions for – you guessed it – Congress and the executive branch.
But even when government forgets to include such provisions, as it apparently did with a law that requires all U.S. companies employing at least 100 people to issue warning letters 60 days in advance of any possible furlough, government still doesn’t obey the letter or spirit of the law. Everyone knew this was coming. They knew it before the election in November. But did the government send out the furlough letters 60 days in advance? No, of course not.
Just imagine if a private U.S. company had neglected to do this. There is little question it would be faced with major fines and certainly lawsuits that would cost more than the savings generated by the furloughs. So what happens when the federal government doesn’t abide by its own rules about issue furlough letters?
There are no penalties, because government is not accountable to anyone. And. to make it worse, the Obama administration is telling agencies that are sending out the letters late not to worry about it: The government will take care of the legal challenges that will inevitably come when those furloughed bring in their trial lawyers. So what kind of savings will actually be generated after Washington defends its clear violation of the law and pays settlements to those who were furloughed outside the rule of law? You guessed it: Probably none. In fact, it may end up costing taxpayers more to furlough federal employers than it does to allow them to keep their salaries and working conditions the same.
The government makes rules it has no intention of abiding by, They try to ban and confiscate your firearms even while they are buying up classifications of firearms already denied you by the tens of thousands.
They try to ban certain kinds of ammunition, while buying it up by the billions of rounds.

Source—between the lines, joe farah


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