I just finishing reading Limbaugh’s “THE GREAT DESTROYER” and will be doing a summary as soon as I can, but I thought one chapter in particular made me almost THROW UP. As you all know we are in a budget/spending/deficit crisis but after you read this summary of the chapter 12—you might also want some answers from our government.
Forget who did what and just see if you agree with the spending, travel etc that has taken place. Remember this book was back in June of 2012 and a lot more has happened to add to these lists.

Three years into his presidency Obama has had criticism of his narcissism. According to the Fox Nation as of the beginning of August 2010, “Obama has spoken some form of “I” or “ME” more than 16,000 official times since he took office.
To start off the purpose of this report a statement made by him—“we’re just not that far removed from what most Americans are going through.” “I mean it was only a few years ago when we had high credit card balances, two kids and was trying to figure how to save for college, our retirement and assets to make sure we are protected”. At the time of this statement his disclosure forms revealed he had a net worth of some $7.7 million.
You know when things aren’t gong right for them they direct their attention at me. That’s Obama—ever the VICTIM. Obama is also quoted, as saying Americans shouldn’t bother learning about trifling, esoteric thins like debt ceiling. You know our ability to pay our bills. He has ranking himself as the fourth greatest US president, “the issue here is not going to be a lists of accomplishments, as you said your, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first 2 years against any president—with the possible exception of JFK, FDR and Lincoln, but when it comes to the economy, we’ve got a lot more work to do. And we’re going to keep at it” (this usually means working extra).
Even Maureen Dowd has called him an “empty shell”. She further states this is “the first couple who do not believe in American exceptionalism—their own, and they feel overassaulted and underappreciated. “We disappointed them, the pair actually believes the admonition of presidential adviser Jarrett that Obama is “just too talented to do what ordinary people do”.
To Obama and his staff it’s always all about him. He complained they talk about me like a dog. Look at what happened to Governors Jindal and Brewer as examples if you cross him. Obama doesn’t empathize with Americans, he looks down of them. “They have been missing the need for the emotional connection people need in times like this—but they’ve needed if for 2 years. “He implied Americans were too dense or disengaged to understand his healthcare plan or the debt ceiling. Another statement from him—“I think people feel that Washington still is dysfunctional, “but this isn’t his fault, you see. Its because people confuse him with the federal government”. In one of his state of the union addresses he referred to himself some 55 times. Then when talking about getting Bin Laden, he promptly embarked on what some described as a “bragging tour” in which he repeatedly took credit for the death. Forget actions that occurred during Bush’s adm.
Add his tasteless claims of personal leadership, his over-emphasis on “I” and “at my direction”, all he did was sign off on the plans of ours.
“There is nothing wrong with our country,” while at a plant in Holland, MI. The last thing we need is congress spending more time in DC arguing; need to spend more time out there listening to you. This is the same guy who fails to attend White House meeting with members of his own debt commission and whose recommendations he largely ignored. He opted out of the meetings to avoid embarrassment because he’d just endorsed $900 billion more in deficit spending. He talks mostly to Jarrett and Axelrod, even his own cabinet gets little face time with him except for a brief meeting disguised as photo-opts. He has the shortest workday knocking off at 4pm.


He paints himself as an indefatigable public servant—frequently extravagant vacations and gold outings, and then lecturing congress for not staying in DC to do their jobs this is the same one —
1.-who took a 17 day, $4 million taxpayer funded luxury vacation to Hawaii, costly nearly 100 times the average annual salary of An American worker.
2-Then in a few after this, Michelle took her daughters on another ski trip to CO.
(Forget his constant finger wagging against the rich and his own luxurious exploits—he doesn’t do it with his own money). And this from a guy who sends out photos of a casually dressed President with his feet propped high on the people’s desk!! He preaches green energy, while he gallivants about in a near 20-car motorcade of gas-guzzling SUV’s and limousines, stopping traffic wherever he goes and subjecting everyone to his aversion to punctuality.
3-playing golf the day after he voiced his deep empathy for the victims of the tsunami in Japan.
4.-and manages to get another round of golf instead of honoring his commitment to attend the Polish presidents funeral.
5-he saw nothing untoward in the first lady sojourn to Europe with her buds while he exhorted Americans to spend heir vacations in the oil-spilled Gulf—he never went on vacation there himself. They were encouraging other to vacation there, but NOT them.
It’s his world, which is why he didn’t have to consult congress before initiating military strikes against Libya or bother to fill the people in on his actions—while
6-his entire family and some friends left on yet another junket –this time to South America!
7- how many times did he or Michelle and company fly back to Chicago or NY for dinner..
8-hop a flight to Martha Vineyard
9-this is a guy who played golf 8 times in the first 11 weeks of the gulf spill.
During his first 17 months in office,
10-Obama played 39 times. In other words he played almost every week that it was warm enough to play in DC or whichever exotic location he happened to be at the time.
11-off they jetted to the plush Mount Desert Island, a costal haven in Maine for old money republicans and the summer playground for the Astors . The DOG flew in its own jet!
12-by October of 2010 he had played 52 rounds of golf while relentlessly ridiculing Bush for ignoring his job responsibilities in favor of golf.
13-obama played more golf in less than two years in office than Bush did during his ENTIRE 8 years. Remember Bush quite playing in order to show respect for the families of wounded and fallen soldiers. All of his traveling while he refused to fund the republican’s congressman to tour the Gulf spills. Obama dispatched Michelle to the scene?
14-next off to the Gulf Coast in Panama City, Asheville, Chicago and Bar Harbor.
15-early August the first family planned another vacation to the posh southern Spanish resort of Marbella. Obama ended up traveling to Spain, accompanied by “long time family friends,” and stayed at the luxurious five star Villa Padierna, where all activities on the trip were closed to the press.
16-how about footing the bill for the First Lady’s 68 strong security deal, her personal staff and the use of presidential Air force 2. ($145,000 for the round trip. Including all expenses her lavish break in Spain with 40 friends cost the US taxpayers a staggering $79,000 a DAY. Michelle had the beach closed off so she and her daughters and their entourage could go for a swim.
17-Around July 2010 the Obama’s took a total of 4 vacations in a months time, Bar Harbor, Marbella, Flordia and Martha’s Vineyard where the family stayed 10 days renting at an estimated cost of between $35-50,000 a week.
18-They went on a total of 8 vacations by the end of the summer of 2010. Of course they had to leave the White House at the Oval office was being redecorated.
19-the granddaddy of all vacations came in Oct. 2010, when the Obama’s booked 800 luxury rooms in Mumbai, including 547 rooms and all the banquet halls at the Taj Mahjal hotel, 125 rooms at the Tai President in Cuffe Parqade and between 80-90 rooms at the ITC Grand Hyatt, 40 aircraft, including 2 jets and 45 cars, 6 of them armored all part of the convoy. 34 naval ships would be deployed alongside Indian ships to guard the coast outside the hotel. The total cost for Obama’s trip would be an astounding $200 million –PER DAY—actual cost will not be released as the public had no right to know.
20-just so Obama could go to a Mani Bhavan Gandhi museum—military engineers erected a bombproof over ground air-conditioned tunnel replete with close circuit TV and cameras and heavily armed guards for his tour. Cost ????/
At $181,757 (then) was the estimated cost to fly AF-1 aircraft only. Obama has set new records for presidential travel cost.
21-Obama has spent more days aboard in his first 2 years than any other president.
22-according to the Washington examiner obama as of the beginning of 2011, had spent 339 of his 712 days in office—almost 48% outside Washington. Valerie Jarrett is quoted on meet the press—“biggest regret was that the economic crisis had forced him to “spend almost every waking hour in DC focusing very hard on solving that crisis” and had prevented him form traveling around to meet everyday Americans. WHAT BULL SHIT IS THIS? Obama “I really want to figure out a way where I can spend more time outside of DC listening and learning and engaging the American people.
23-during his 712 days in office, he had only failed to make a public appearance or statement of some sort on 45 of them!
24- Hawaii again for Christmas in 2010, at plush home that rents for $3500 a night. Of source Michelle has to fly separately at a cost of $63,000: obama’s round trip flight cost some $1 million. Housing for secret service, seals cost $16,800, there was $134,400 in hotel cost for 24 white house staff plus extra cost for ambulance, police security phone lines, car rentals and fuel, surveillance and travel cost plus the advance team. There is a secure Marine base just 2 minutes from where they stayed.
25-obamas and his friends chose 3 luxury beachfront locations, including the $3500 per rental home. They extended their stay for several days??? He spends around $1.5 million in Hawaii while the rest of American faces a bleak year.
Obama also might have more credibility if he didn’t flash $100 bills in ice cream stands.
26-how about a $199.00 bottle of wine they serve at White Dinners.
27-feb, 2011 Michelle and the girls and friends take a ski trip to Vail, staying at a $650-$2400 a night hotel. An obama plea during all of this—“the American people need to live more frugally. “If you’re a family trying to cut back,” ”you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation”.
27-march 2011 he racked up his 60th golf outing—equal to two months recreating on the links.
28-how about doing basketball picks WHILE talking about the earthquake in Japan—class act there.
29- by the time the seals got Bin Laden, Obama managed to rack up 5 straight weeks without missing a weekend golf outing, making it a total of 66 outings since taking office.
He has campaigned on the taxpayer’s dime more than any other president under the “official business” trips
30- he opts out of a fallen law enforcement service in order to play golf, May 2011.
31-May/June 2011, racked up his 70th golf outing. June 4, marked his 71st round with his 10th consecutive weekend of golf.
32-during this time Michelle is off to Africa as he gets in his 13th weekend in a row before the end of June. (74th)
33- but after his 75th outing he had to miss 7 weeks in a row and it took until August to get #76.
34-he was playing golf when the earthquake hit DC, but he kept on playing.
35- while on another vacation he managed to play all 3 islands and by 12/26/11 had golfed 90 times—equal to 3 months of golfing in less than 3 years in office.

Why does Michelle have to fly on her own jet—just getting there ahead of Obama by a few hours?? White House sources claimed that she has spent $10 million on vacations alone in the past year.
36-during the Libya crisis, another family vacation—described as 5 days of parties, toasts and sightseeing across South America.
How about Michelle’s display of jewelry–$42,000 at the DNC fundraiser. But she’s somehow seen shopping at target.
37-June 2011, Michelle, children and mother with friends all go to South Africa and Botswana at a cost estimated at $700-800,000, purpose of the trip was: youth leadership, education, health and wellness. Guess she needed all those people to go with her for moral support? The military aircraft alone cost $424,142 and the daughters were listed a: senior staff”. This is how you justify a “junket”.

Obama has 21 of his staffers making $172,000 and a third of all white house employees make at least $100,000, despite the struggling economy, more than half the employees received a raise by an average of 8%.
38- off the Martha’s Vineyard again—July, Blue Heron Farm.
39- august—reported that Michelle has spent 42 days on vacation in the past year—one out of every 9 days. Her trips included Panama City, Martha’s, Hawaii, Africa, Latin America, Vail, Corvallis Or. Again another trip to Martha’s on her own jet>
40-there is no such thing as a Presidential vacation, but called Bush’s trips AN photo opt.
41-just so the president could work out for hour or so, they stapled black plastic to the windows of the hotel gym, a 40 strong motorcade of SUV, Cadillac’s two armored limousines were parked outside the hotel and swat lined the rooftops plus helicopters overhead, he was there for a total of 12 hours he was in LA for a fundraiser junket.
42-with British PM Cameron , Obama flew them to Dayton and back to watch an NCAA game. Estimated cost was $478,000.
43-while urging austerity for the rest of the us, Judicial Watch reported that the Office of Government Ethics was planning a taxpayer conference at a luxurious gold spa and resort in Orlando, the federal government would fly hundreds of its employees whose job description, ironically, is to promote high ethical standards in government.


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