From sequester—kids will not get vaccines-program 317—58 million of them
Obama budget cuts it already by 30 million.
Janitors and teachers still not laid off yet, no pink slips given.
White House is blaming the secret service for shutting down WH tours—cost to them.
It only cost us $180,000 for Obama to fly to play golf with tiger
How about the returning military troops, make them TSA agents
Pelosi—tax cuts are spending.
INCREASES—DEBT/GDP ’07===36.3%====2013 73%
GROWTH/GDP ‘07==17.% 0.1%
Labor rate participation 58% 885,000 have stopped looking
Airline fees have gone up 1.8%

As we cut back, layoff workers, we still can send $250 billion to Egypt. We give dollars to foreign counties in hopes they’ll like us and do what we want.
We are paying for 50 different Job training programs (35 duplicate programs). We are spending 50,000 per illegal in this country. Smokers are going to pay more for insurance, there are around 45.3 million smokers in the USA.
The IRS is already set up to collect the new taxes but we’ll have to wait on them for our tax refunds. Re the CBO there are 20 new taxes, $400 billion in 10 years, and 35% of these taxes are going to hit family making less than $250,000. the IRS has 47 news taxes to work through.
Wal-Mart stopped plans for a new store in NYC due to Union protest—even though they would have gotten the jobs to build the store.
College tuition has gone up 8 % from last year. Student loans now at $105 billion—up 95% since 2002. $49.3 billion in government grants are also up 149%.
DHS has huge balances left over from last year, but we don’t have money to hold illegals. 9,000 to be released. $50 million for new TSA uniforms.
Proposal in the works that illegals can go to the front of the line for 50,000 will be able to work it all in payments.
SALARIES: white house special assistance to the president—$102,000-$130,000, $138,000 for the public engagement position, librarians $74,872.00, director of Air Force history/museums $143-165,300. A painter $40,112-46,791.00, assistance women’s gymnastics instructor $46,274.00, $27 million to teach pottery makers in Morocco—LOOKS LIKE SEQUESTER HASN’T HIT THE WHITE HOUSE.
2000 dead people got food stamps in 2012, 7000 got duplicate food stamps, $3 million to play gold with Tiger.
We are having lay-offs but there is over 400 jobs listed on government site. Most congressman vote in the high 90% for their parties programs
We have over 100 different gasoline blends in the USA—-
20% of Missourians on Medicaid (1.2 million)

source—fox news


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