Life is not one thing after another. It’s the same damn thing over and over!

The government is currently paying $350,000 a year for free haircuts and shoeshines for congress.
Benghazi survivors have been threaten not to testify or talk about the attack
Government still handing out free phones to “dead people”
Prices are going up but the government still claiming no inflation
There will be around $1 trillion in new taxes coming.
Still no budget—if this is a transparent government why won’t they show what they are planning on spending and how much.
Sequester is cutting jobs, BUT the government is posting jobs for interns—NASA-$83,126.00, HHS-$61,000.00, DOC–$31,315.00-62,678.
There is going to be a post office meeting in San Fran, which includes golf, parties—only to cost $2.2 million—it is only in debt $16 billion
More on sequester—shorter hours at the National Archives, and Yellowstone to open up later
Dems proposing spending of $3.6 trillion and by 2023 $5.7 trillion—only $2.1 trillion increase over 10 years.
Obama “we do not have a crisis—won’t have one for at least 10 years”
He wants to place more importance on Green Energy—$2 billion more
We are going to give to our spy agencies access to American financial records
NYC—you can suit a company if you feel you should have been hired but they didn’t hire you.
We can give $250 billion to the Brotherhood but can’t keep the White House tours going?
Carbon emissions to manufacture electric cars leaves a larger carbon footprint that building a regular car powered car—electric (30,000#, gas care 14,000#)
And ethanol production puts out more than an oil refinery
Fisher CEO stepping down after the %529 million loan and bankruptcy.
Some of the green energy success stories—
Solyndia lost $535 million—-123 lost $385 million, Beacon Power lost $43 million, Abound lost $400 million, others listed were ENER1, Evergreen, Spectrawatt.
If the new carbon tax goes through it will cost 17.8 cents a gallon on gasoline, and then 5.6% a years for 10 years. (up to 30 cents)
Would also effect our electric bills—and would knock ½% of off the GDP
Waxman wants more


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