Dopped were several counts of abuse of a corpse.The trial, however, will continue on the rest of the counts that stem from the 72-year-old abortionist’s business in Philadelphia, the “Women’s Medical Center” that has been dubbed the “House of Horrors” for the events that occurred there. He was accused of snipping the spinal cords of seven babies who were born alive at the facility, although witnesses have described that that same procedure was used to dispatch possibly hundreds of infants, as well as the drug overdose death of a patient.
“”The prosecution has to show malice, the fact that Dr. Gosnell acted with intentional disregard for the safety of the mother and treated them differently than he did with the others,” McMahon said. “The prosecution has failed to do that.”
McMahon also cited Pennsylvania’s “24-Week Law.”“Yes, Dr. Gosnell did abortions past the 24-week limit, but not one of those who he’s accused of harming were past 24 weeks.”Prosecutor Ed Cameron said the counts fall within the law.“The statute reads that if the crime offends common sensibilities, then the person is guilty. These acts offend reasonable sensibility,” Cameron said.
“The statute says that once the baby leaves the mother that the baby should be treated with dignity as a human being. That if they die, they should be disposed of with dignity. It is clear that Dr. Gosnell didn’t do that,” Cameron said.
“Cameron said that there are three signs that have to be present.“It’s an either or. There has to be a beating heart and there has to be breathing. There also has to be voluntary movement,” Cameron said, “Even one of the doctors testified that they saw the baby breathing.”In the case of “Baby B” and “Baby C,” Cameron argued that there was voluntary movement.“The baby moved his arms. Lynda Williams said, ‘Hey look at this,’ as she called people to witness what she was doing,” Cameron said. “Williams pulled the baby’s arms and the baby pulled back.”
President Obama, who has declined to weigh in, through his spokesman, on the case, meanwhile, is planning to attend a fundraising gala later this week for Planned Parenthood, the U.S. abortion industry’s biggest player.
Cecile Richards, president of the organization, said, “President Obama has done more than any president in history for women’s health and rights.”In a statement that did not include the word abortion, she said, “He understands that access to birth control and preventive health care are economic issues for women and their families. We fought alongside him to ensure that women’s health access was expanded in the landmark Affordable Care Act, and now we have to fight hard to ensure that the full promise of health care reform is realized for millions of women. Clinic worker Ashley Baldwin said Gosnell snipped the neck of many babies who could have lived.The details of another instance are recorded in the grand jury report.
The details build: Baldwin heard an infant’s cry, and saw the baby move on the country. Estimated the baby’s length at 12 inches.Gosnell arrived and all that soon stopped.“He snipped the neck, and said there is nothing to worry about, and he suctioned it,” came the testimony.The report also records the procedure for what would happen to the babies who were born when Gosnell was not at the clinic.
If Gosnell was absent, his employees would kill viable babies. Ashley Baldwin saw Steve Massof slit the necks of babies that moved or breathed ‘five or 10″ times. Massof, repeating what he had been taught by Gosnell, told her that that it was standard procedure to cut the spine in all cases.
The grand jury report also says that after Steve Massof left the clinic, clinic worker Lynda Williams took over the task of slitting the baby’s necks after they were born. After playing with the baby, Williams slit its neck. Marie Smith is another of Gosnell’s patients who almost died as a result of a botched abortion.

Unlicensed medical school graduate Eileen O’Neill, Gosnell’s codefendant on murder charges, is reported to have given abortion drugs to clinic patients. Lisa Dungee, a Gosnell clinic patient in 2009, testified to the court that O’Neill gave her the abortion pill before the end of the required 24-hour waiting period for an abortion and that she didn’t receive any pre-abortion reported that Dungee testified on the stand that, “When I came in to the facility, I already had.
· Rusty and filthy abortion equipment has been brought into the courtroom to document unsanitary conditions.
· Medical records appear to have blood and other stains on them.
· Gosnell’s staff acted as though they were doctors, even though some had little or no medical training.
· Medications, including anesthetics, found in the office had expired years earlier.
· A defense attorney blamed the woman, Bhutan immigrant Karnamaya Mongar, for her own death, since she left several blanks on her medical form. Prosecutors said she spoke little English and likely was unaware she needed to provide information.
· Patients appeared to repeatedly get overdoses of drugs for their abortion procedures, including Mongar.
· Photographs of the bodies of babies, revealed gaping wounds in the back of their necks. According to testimony, Gosnell or staff members routinely snipped their spinal cords to make sure they were dead. Operation Rescue said: “The babies were all intact and had the appearance of being partially mummified or dried. The brownish-black skin had shrunk as it dried, revealing the upper spinal column that authorities say was pierced with scissors in order to snip the spinal cords of newborn babies born alive during abortions by Gosnell.”
· Photographs were introduced of babies’ feet, or even whole legs, Gosnell had preserved in jars.
· Sources-wnd, Michael carl,




Gosnell has been accused of doping one patient to death and killing seven fetuses which were born alive. (some of those have been dropped). He has been willing to perform abortions at any stage of pregnancy. He routinely induced labor in women more than 6 moths pregnant and then CUT THE SPINES of their breathing newborns. “these killings became so routine” in fact, “that no one could put an exact number on them”.
Babies were placed on a countertop while he attended to the newborns mother, sometimes for as long as 20 minutes. Gosnell’s assistant then “slit its neck”, just like all the others.
The grand jury found that these “were not even the worst cases,” Gosnell and his wife performed the very late abortions on Sundays, when no other staff were present to see them. Gosnell destroyed those case files at his home, leaving no record.
When law enforcement officers raided Gosnell’s office on suspicion of drug dealing, they found some 45 fetal bodies. They were stuffed in “bags, milk jugs, orange juice cartons and even in cat food containers. Gosnell also kept ”rows of jars containing severed baby feet”. Does this man fit the profile of a sociopathic killer?
Under Roe and Doe, doctors possess a constitutional right to perform abortions during the third trimester of pregnancy. While Roe allows states to ban third-trimester abortions for the health of the mother and assessments of maternal health must include “all factors—physical, emotional etc, relevant to the well-being for the (WHAT THE HELL ABOUT THE BABY WELL BEING).
Abortions remain a right in the third trimester for any reason that is relevant to a patient’s well being. Who gets to assess the well being of the mother under DOE? The doctor! The count in Doe concluded that the necessity of any late-term abortion is a “professional judgment”. States cannot overrule physician’s evaluation with any independent assessment. Only doctors can decide what DOE allows in practice. Under Doe, no one has a right to overrule the independent judgment of abortionists.
The grand jury seemed to think otherwise, “a flagrantly illegal abortion of a 29 week old fetus’. It even claimed that aborting fetuses after 24-week gestation is “a crime in itself”.
Under ROE and DOE, abortionists can always kill fetuses up to the moment of birth for any reason they find compelling, so long as the can couch that reason in terms of the mothers well being.
PA., is one of 9 states that require a second physician to concur with the “professional judgment” of an abortionist who want to perform a third trimester abortion. Gosnell ignored a procedural requirement of PA law. Gosnell should have saved the lives of those fetuses that survived his attempts to abort them. PA has a law protection babies that survive abortions. The grand jury report emphasized in horror, Gosnell killed “live, viable, moving, breathing, crying babies.” What makes Gosnell different is his volume—he killed abortion survivors far more often than any known predecessors. The protection of babies who survive abortions remains a subject for controversy not a matter of settle law or even morality. 27 states have laws protection such infants but 23 and the district of Columbia do not.
Obama has repeatedly refused to support a bill protecting abortions victims born alive when he was a state senator.
When pro-choice governor Tom Ridge came to power in 1993, his adm instructed state officials to cease clinic inspections since they would be putting a barrier up to women seeking abortions. The grand jury concluded the state department of health has deliberately chosen not to enforce state laws.
The liberal position on killing abortion survivors makes a bizarre kind of moral sense, after all what is the moral difference between killing an 8 month old human being in the womb and killing it in the bright light of an operation room?
Gosnell did sometime try it inject digoxin into the hearts of fetuses as is standard practice in the third trimester. If Gosnell failed to notice a moral distinction between killing g a 30 week old fetus in the womb and slitting that same infants neck after it passed through the birth canal can anyone really blame him?
If Gosnell found a second physician to back him up then killing in the third trimester fetuses before they passed through the birth canal no crime under ROE and DOE or the laws of PA would have been broken. Gosnell, due to lack of oversight at his clinic made little effort to hide his illegal abortion practice.
But the regulations serve the interest of adult patients not late-term fetuses. Viable fetuses—those that can survive outside the womb—are protected only by the moral sensibilities of abortionists.
Nearly all clinic perform first trimester abortions, fewer than one-fourth perform abortions at 20 weeks gestation and only 11% at 24 weeks. This is true even though profits increase with gestational age, as Gosnell keenly appreciated. Unlike him the vast majority of abortionists draw the line somewhere in the second trimester as the fetus is becoming more recognizably human.
The Supreme Court has forbidden control over abortions by the democratically elected branches of government. We can’t prevent abortionist form specializing in killing viable fetuses, that is the consequence of the ROE and DOE regime.
If Gosnell is to be convicted it will be because the ordinary citizens serving on the trail jury in Phil believe that the expansive power to destroy human life established in ROE and DOE is deeply immoral and in not way protected by our constitution.

Source—weekly standard, jon shields


Special Forces commander: ‘Constabulary force’ coming:
Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, retired, warns that American is well along the pathway that other societies have used to bludgeon and beat their populations into submission to socialism. Even to the point of establishing a “constabulary force” to control the people.
He was one of the original members of the U.S. Army’s Delta Force. He ultimately commanded those elite warriors in combat operations. Later, Boykin commanded all the Army’s Green Berets as well as the Special Warfare Center and School. In all, Lt. Gen. Boykin spent 36 years in the army, serving his last four years as the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence.
Boykin explains simply that he knows the standard process for creating a socialist or Marxist state because he studied it as a military officer.
His concern is that the six steps “done in every Marxist insurgency” now “are being done in America today.” He lists them: 1. nationalize major sections of the economy (the corporate bailouts), 2. redistribute wealth (the man appointed to head Medicare said health care is “nothing but a redistribution of wealth”), 3. discredit opposition (Boykin said he’s “never been so angry” as when the Obama administration called returning vets, pro-lifers and others a terror threat), 4. censorship (since old guard media already was in line, Obama’s censorship has been through “hate crimes” legislation aimed at Christian pastors and others), 5. gun control (see Washington’s present agenda), and 6. a constabulary force. That would be “a force that can control the population,” Boykin warned. To those who say that isn’t present in the U.S., he responds, “Let me remind you that prior to the election (in 2008) the president stood up and said if elected he would want a national civilian security force as large as and well-funded as the military.” HE HAS demands for a “civilian national security force.” “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set,” he said. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
“Hitler had the brown shirts,” Boykin said.
He said while people may not think it’s happening, such a force already is in the law – of Obamacare. “There are paragraphs that talk about the commissioning of officers in time of national crisis to work directly for the president,” he said. That’s “laying the groundwork for a constabulary force that will control the population in America.”
WND previously reported on the Obamacare section allowing for the military like force.
According to Section 5210 of HR 3590, titled “Establishing a Ready Reserve Corps,” the force must be ready for “involuntary calls to active duty during national emergencies and public health crises.”
The health-care legislation adds millions of dollars for recruitment and amends Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 204), passed July 1, 1944, during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. The U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is one of the seven uniformed services in the U.S. However, Obama’s changes more than double the wording of the Section 203 and dub individuals who are currently
SOURCES—wnd, general boykin


Obama Plans To ‘Kill’ U.S. Dollar.
The Gang of Eight—point out that the immigration “reform” bill has a flaw: it will provide a back door for millions of illegal aliens to collect welfare. The cost? Several trillion dollars.
That would put our national debt above the “magic number” of twenty trillion, the point that many economists state is the tipping point of our economy. Tipping point meaning the U.S. economy would implode. Add to this the fact that Obama is actually calling for a second Stimulus—as if a trillion dollars flushed down the toilet wasn’t enough.
If one were a conspiracy theorist, it would seem like Barack Obama was actually trying to collapse the economy, putting us in a place like Cyprus where the EU is “taxing”—that is, confiscating—privately held bank accounts to the tune of 40% of their value. On April 2, Ben Bernanke was asked if the U.S. would do the same thing in a dire economic crisis. Bernanke hemmed and hawed for several minutes and finally gave up this answer: “It’s unlikely.” Gee, that sure instills confidence in our banking system. I guess we’re just a bunch of knuckle-dragging conspiracy theorists who think Obama is actually trying to collapse the economy—by devaluing (killing) the U.S. dollar. Except that is exactly what a high level source in the intelligence community has stated, as reported in the Canada Free Press on Monday, in the widely read article, “Intelligence Insider: Obama Administration Agenda to Kill U.S Dollar.” But that is just the beginning. According to the source, after the collapse of the economy, after the collapse of the dollar—after the U.S. dollar is properly devalued and buried long after the collapse of the euro—there will be a banshee cry by the globalists and banksters for an international currency with global government in order to prevent another world-wide economic crisis.
Yes, the economic crisis that they caused. Obama’s push to gut the Second Amendment, the DHS’s stockpiling of two billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and tens of thousands of assault weapons, and Obama pushing George W. Bush’s Patriot Act to Orwellian levels by spying on literally every single American—is all part of a plan to institute a totalitarian New World Order. Welcome to Barack Hussein Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

Source—western journalism, kris zane


Defying Congress, Obama Sends U.S. Taxes to Russian State Arms Firm.
Despite a bipartisan federal law prohibiting financial contracts with the Russian government-owned arms giant Rosoboronexport, the Obama administration announced that it would be purchasing another $680 million worth of military helicopters from the state company for the Afghan regime of Hamid Karzai, The contract comes after the Pentagon already spent $411 million with the supplier since May of 2011, bringing the estimated amount of U.S. taxpayer funds funneled to the state-owned behemoth to about $1 billion in recent years.
The controversial scheme would boost Russia’s military-industrial complex even as millions of Americans remain out of work. Citing a congressional ban on deals with Rosoboronexport and the fact that the Russian military supplier has been arming rogue regimes around the world.

Under an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed into law by President Obama, the U.S. government is prohibited from sending funds to or entering into contracts with Rosoboronexport, lawmakers noted. The only exception to that prohibition is if the Secretary of Defense deems it to be in the “interest of national security.” That Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel explain what possible excuse there could be to purchase more military helicopters from the government-owned Russian arms dealer.

“Despite this new law, we learned that the Army intends to enter into a new contract with Rosoboronexport in the coming weeks to procure 20 additional helicopters for the Afghan National Security Forces,” “What is the national security justification of continuing business with Rosoboronexport?” the lawmakers asked, outraged because the state-owned company has been supplying weapons to the Syrian regime amid a war against Western-backed Islamists. “Relatedly, last year, DoD notified Congress of plans to purchase 33 Mi-17s from Rosoboronexport for the Afghan National Security Forces.
(DOD) has notified Congress of its intent to contract with Rosoboronexport for 30 additional Mi-17 rotary-wing aircraft to support the Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF) Special Mission Wing,” he said. “Given current timelines, the department has determined that Rosoboronexport is the only viable means of meeting ANSF requirements.”

The fact that the Pentagon did not solicit bids from any other company for the helicopters, according to news reports.
“Aside from throwing almost $700 million to a company owned by the Russian government at a time when Obama has taken a chainsaw to the United States military, subsidizing the Russian defense industry helps it develop more weapons that will be sold to America’s enemies. Daniel Greenfield in a piece for FrontPage magazine. “That money will help fund R&D for the next generation of weapons that an American military dismantled by Obama will be facing on the battlefield.”
Among the examples cited in the piece about what was wrong with the contract: giving taxpayer money to Russia, sending more military hardware to the Afghan government, using no-bid contracts, and bypassing Congress.
That’s right, this foreign aid is even worse than the aid being given to Egypt, because at least Egypt was buying U.S. hardware,” People need to know that there’s bipartisan anger over Obama taxing us to give to the Russians.”
Not to mention the fact that foreign aid, including arming foreign governments, is not authorized by the Constitution. Obama administration was sending advanced military weaponry to the Islamist regime now ruling Egypt after the U.S. government-backed “Arab Spring” overthrew the previous government.
Egyptian government recently announced an “integration” deal with the mass-murdering genocidal regime ruling Sudan, which the U.S. State Department has listed as a state sponsor of terrorism for over two decades.

Other critics of the Rosoboronexport contract pointed to documents released by WikiLeaks suggesting that the Obama campaign had received Russian money.
The U.S. Air Force, for example, decided to purchase fighter planes from the Brazilian government-controlled company Embraer for the Karzai regime even though the American company Beechcraft said it was willing and able to provide more cost-effective alternatives.

Russia and Brazil, of course, are both members of the so-called “BRICS” — an alliance of socialist and communist-minded regimes that also includes the Communist Party dictatorship ruling mainland China, the African National Congress (ANC)-South African Communist Party (SACP) regime ruling South Africa, and the socialist-oriented Indian government. The BRICS group recently released its latest manifesto calling for a global currency that would eventually displace the increasingly unstable U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency.
The Rosoboronexport contract is also not the first time that the Obama administration has been under fire for cooperating with the Russian military. As The New American reported last year, the administration invited airborne terror troops from Russia to train with U.S. forces on American soil for the first time in history, fueling suspicion and outrage among critics.
Analysts are not hopeful, but whether or not the massive public and congressional outcry will end up killing the potentially unlawful contract with Rosoboronexport remains unclear. As Obama told then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev over an open microphone last year before his reelection, “I’ll have more flexibility” after winning another term.




While all eyes were on Boston and the manhunt for the two bombers in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, the House of Representatives was passing CISPA – a bill that will allow companies to hand over our data to the government without a warrant.

What is CISPA? CISPA stands for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). What does it do? CISPA would allow for voluntary information sharing between private companies and the government in the event of a cyber attack. If the government detects a cyber attack that might take down Facebook or Google, for example, they could notify those companies. At the same time, Facebook or Google could inform the feds if they notice unusual activity on their networks that might suggest a cyber attack. CISPA bridges a gap between the private firms that can access your data for nefarious purposes.
U.S. firms voluntarily handing data along the one-way street to the U.S. government effectively means the Fourth Amendment doesn’t have to apply; it’s not snooping if it was handed to the government under “cybersecurity” grounds. By this point, the U.S. government can do just about anything it likes with your data once it’s in its hands, in spite of the Fourth Amendment. But because the language in CISPA is so ill defined, it could be used for many more reasons than were initially considered.
It would allow companies to easily hand over users’ private information to the government thanks to a liability clause. This, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, “essentially means CISPA would override the relevant provisions in all other laws—including privacy laws.”
Is that true? The bill’s sponsors, Reps. Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger, say no. But amidst backlash over the vague wording in the bill, the congressmen introduced an amendment that would require the government to anonymize any data it turns over to a private company. Did that do the trick? Not exactly. The White House has threatened to veto CISPA, in part because it does not require private companies to do the same and anonymize the data they hand over to the government. That would impose an onerous burden on private companies and perhaps deter them from participating in this voluntary program, backers claim.
According to privacy and civil liberties group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), even though the data was passed to the government for reasons pertaining only to “cybersecurity,” it can then be used to investigate other crime, not limited to cybersecurity crime, such as the “criminal exploitation of minor, protecting individuals from death or serious physical injury, or protecting the national security of the United States.”
“CISPA is written broadly enough to permit your communications service providers to share your emails and text messages with the government, or your cloud storage company could share your stored files.” Bill sponsors, however, argued that CISPA is needed to keep that data safe, pointing to foreign hackers who have hit U.S. companies in an effort to steal information.
What’s the difference between CISPA and SOPA/PIPA? Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA).targeted websites that trafficked in counterfeit goods, from fake purses to software. The bills would have allowed for copyright owners to file a complaint against offending websites and have them pulled from the Web. SOPA/PIPA were aimed at “rogue” overseas sites, but it prompted concern that legitimate websites here in the U.S. would be taken offline. With SOPA and PIPA, tech firms were concerned about having their websites taken offline for no reason, CISPA, however, goes after cyber attacks – which also cost those firms money.
There are some big names on the bill’s list of supporters, including AT&T, Comcast, HP, IBM, Intel, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon.Didn’t we hear about CISPA last year, too? Yes, the House passed CISPA in April 2012. But it never made it through the Senate. Rep’s Rogers and Ruppersberger have introduced a number of amendments – in committee and on the House floor last week – to calm some of those fears.What type of amendments? More than a dozen proposals were approved, but among the highlights: companies can only use information they receive for cyber-security purposes, not to help their business; the feds can’t hold on to shared data and use it for “national security purposes”; clarification that CISPA does not authorize hacking; and a rule that incoming cyber data will be handled by the Homeland Security Department and the Justice Department.

Sources—chloe albanesius,, dhs,


A House panel will cast a critical eye toward taxpayer support for Fisker Automotive, the troubled electric car maker that received $192 million in Energy Department loans before the department halted payments in 2011.
The company’s woes — it recently cut most staff and hired bankruptcy lawyers.
The White House budget request would provide $8.2 billion for the agency, which is a 3.5 percent cut.

EPA watchers will be looking for clues about how the agency plans to proceed on several hot-button topics, including power plant carbon standards.
On Wednesday, April 24, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini will announce that Interior will be the first federal agency to update its federal fleet with hybrid vehicles as part of GSA’s new initiative to replace an aging federal fleet with hybrid vehicles.

Interior and GSA will partner to replace up to 300 gasoline and alternative fueled vehicles with hybrids. This will replace nearly a third of the vehicles owned by the Department under consideration. A bicameral, bipartisan group of lawmakers will revive companion bills designed to spur renewable energy development through a change to the federal tax code.
Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) and Reps. Ted Poe (R-Texas) and Peter Welch (D-Vt.) will formally reintroduce the Master Limited Partnerships Parity Act during a Wednesday news conference.
The legislation would extend master limited partnerships to renewable energy projects. The financing mechanism is currently available only to oil-and-gas projects.
Master limited partnerships are arrangements that are taxed like a partnership, but whose interests are traded like a stock. That spreads the cost among more investors, bringing the cost of capital down.
The Energy Department disclosed Monday that it has seized $21 million from Fisker Automotive, the financially distressed electric car maker that has drawn $192 million in federal loans. “On April 11, the Department recouped the company’s approximately $21 million reserve account — funds that came from the company’s sales and investors, not our loan — and will apply those funds to the loan,” McCarthy said.
A subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is holding a hearing titled, “Examining the Department of Energy’s Bad Bet on Fisker Automotive.”
In 2009 Fisker won approval for $529 million in Energy loans. More than two-thirds of the amount was for plans to manufacture a plug-in hybrid car at a former GM plant in Delaware.
But the project struggled, and ultimately never got off the ground.
In June of 2011, the Department of Energy halted payments because Fisker had failed to achieve certain “milestones.”McCarthy, the department spokeswoman, noted that the halting of the payments in 2011 and the seizure of $21 million in early April means that “these actions combined have already protected more than 2/3rds of our original loan commitment.”
Fisker on Monday failed to make a planned $10 million payment on the loan.
But the Obama administration and its defenders say the programs have been a success overall. The programs support various renewable power, manufacturing, auto projects and more.
“While this is a hard time for [Fisker’s] employees and investors, our overall portfolio of more than 30 projects continues to perform well and more than 90 percent of the $10 billion loan loss reserves Congress established remains intact,” McCarthy said. Fisker Automotive, a federally backed maker of plug-in hybrid cars, laid off 75 percent of its workers Friday as it struggles to stay afloat and find new capital, according to press accounts. “Our efforts to secure a strategic alliance or partnership are continuing in earnest, but unfortunately we have reached a point where a significant reduction in our workforce has become necessary,” the struggling California-based automaker said in a statement, according to Bloomberg
The company recently hired bankruptcy lawyers in preparation for a possible filing. Fisker drew $193 million of a $529 million Energy Department loan agreement reached in 2009 before the department halted payments in 2011.

Reuters, citing a source present at the Friday meeting where the layoffs were announced, reports that “Fisker asked 53 senior managers and executives to stay on board, primarily to pursue buyers for the company’s assets.”
Fisker, which makes the $100,000 Karma plug-in hybrid sports car, hasn’t produced any cars since last year after its battery supplier filed for bankruptcy protection. The company has struggled to attract investment and was shopping around for a buyer or company to join it in an alliance. Last month, its co-founder resigned and Fisker furloughed its staff of about 220 for one week. The company at one time had about 600 workers. Fisker won funding under the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program that was authorized in a bipartisan 2007 law but got rolling under the Obama administration.

Solyndra and other green power projects won loan guarantees under a related, but separate, program authorized in 2005 legislation and expanded in the 2009 stimulus law. All the loan guarantees have been issued during the Obama administration. Fisker has hired Kirkland & Ellis, a major bankruptcy law firm, to review the company’s options while it continues to seek investment partners.
“We are not commenting at this stage in the game,” said Roger Ormisher, a Fisker spokesman. “There are too many moving factors and a number of different directions this can go.” The automaker has been working for months to raise $500 million so it could restart production of the Karma, its only model, which is built in Finland. Fisker stopped making the $110,000 plug-in hybrid last year after A123 Systems Inc., the maker of its lithium-ion battery, filed for bankruptcy.
The company ran into a cash crunch after the federal government froze an Energy Department loan to the company. A bankruptcy liquidation or restructuring could leave the government about $192 million in the hole. That’s what Fisker borrowed under the credit line before funding was shut off. Fisker also has run into stiff competition for six-figure, highly styled, advanced powertrain autos from electric carmaker Tesla Motors, which has its own factory and partnerships with major companies, including Toyota, Daimler-Benz and Panasonic.
To conserve cash, Fisker put its U.S. staff — 200 employees — on furlough this week.
Xu Ping, chairman of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., told reporters in Hong Kong earlier this week that his company couldn’t reach a deal with Fisker.
Other companies previously reported to be in talks with Fisker, including Geely Holding Group, the Chinese company that owns Volvo, and Wanxiang Group Corp., a Chinese company that recently bought A123 Systems out of bankruptcy, don’t appear to be advancing.
Sources—house oversight, gsa, ben geman, Bloomberg, api,jerry hirsch