Driving south on I 29 we were approached from behind by a ambulance with its lights flashing, horns and sirens going off. As we pulled over I noticed at least two cars ahead of us who took forever to pull over as they were in the passing lanes and pulled off into the median. As they finally pulled over to let the ambulance go by they merely just automatically pulled right back into traffic. After hitting the brakes all I could think was they might have had to call a second ambulance.
This got me to thinking—there were probably at least two people in the ambulance risking their lives getting to the problem, plus a state trooper who came from the other direction and turned off at the same exit. So there we had at least three people putting themselves in danger to save or help somebody they did not know, at an expense well spent in an all out effort to save a life.
This made me wonder where are the ambulances racing to the abortion clinics to safe the life of an innocent baby about to be aborted? We have no problem with trying to save a life of someone in need, but don’t seem to put forth the same effort to save an unborn baby.
This event also reminded me of an article I just read in WND, were an abortion clinic calls for an ambulance to transport a healthy patient because they couldn’t complete the procedure and needed to send her to another facility where she could get misoprostol (cytotec) to stop labor.

No wonder America is in the shape it’s in!


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