Can our politicians get any dumber? More inter-structure spending, wasn’t that the intent of the first stimulus?
Where’s the plan to save Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (yes whether they’ll admit it they are in financial trouble). What are they doing to strengthen the US dollar?
We are facing another credit downgrade, but this goes unmentioned.
Where is the pride once held by our elected officials, where is the pride in America? Has it been replaced by every politician for themselves, each looking out for their re-election.
When will the seemingly uninformed hiding in the closets going to realize what is going on right under their noses. Do they understand the true meaning of the actual cost coming that is associated with Obamacare. What about the cost of gasoline going from $1.84 in 2009 to $3.76 (average), I thought Obama had the Middle East eating out of his hands?
How long can we stand by and watch billions being spent on “Green Energy” only to watch one after the other default, and you know who they are.
Why is water boarding a crime but killing via Drones is not. We know what the water boarding produced are we sure of what the Drones have? Why is the Middle East in such terrible shape? Benghazi unanswered, a President who disappears for hours while Americans are being killed, the Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring not working, is this called leadership?
Where does this current group of politicians even start to show the wisdom of our founding fathers? Where has their courage gone, our founding fathers did not turn their backs on the American people.
When are these servants of the people going to step up to the plate and restore our financial sanity?
They continue use all of these insider “buzz” words but where are the successes? Talk is cheap and that’s the only thing coming out of Washington DC that is cheap today. When will these money-grabbing politicians ever do the right things or will they continue to line their pockets and those lobbyist on “K” street; a future address for many of them.
Whomever it is better step forward now before the plug is pulling on our drain, the future of America and the America people.

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