Barack Obama’s Surveillance Society. After 9/11, Barack Obama and his leftist base were livid that George W. Bush under the Patriot Act was engaged in warrantless wiretapping of Americans’ phone calls and email. The Left, proclaiming Barack Obama lord and savior, are eerily quiet now that Obama has taken Bush’s Patriot Act to an unimaginable, Orwellian level. Obama has embraced Total Information Awareness—TIA for short—which refers to the government’s ability to compile a massive, searchable database, comprised of every type of electronic communication and information imaginable. Obama has already been compiling literally billions of phone and email records since ascending the throne. Now he’s out for bigger fish. In September, the National Security Agency will open a one million square foot mega-database facility, built by an army of ten thousand construction workers. Located in Bluffdale, Utah—an area known more for polygamists than Orwellian databases—the Utah Data Center will store information in the yottabytes. A yottabyte—10 with 24 zeros after it—makes a terabyte look like small potatoes. It will take 200 megawatts—enough to power 200,000 homes—to feed this behemoth and will use an air conditioning system larger than what was used for the World Trade Centers—combined. So much for “Green” energy.
What kind of data is Big Brother Obama gathering?
Landline and cell phone traffic. Email. Texting. Facebook posts. Tweets. Skype. Discussion boards. Web pages. Travel records. Banking records. Credit card transactions. Stock market trades. Google searches. If it travels through wires or the air, you can bank on it that Big Brother Obama is routing it to the Utah Data Center. Your smart phone’s GPS. Big Brother Barack Obama will know whether you’ve joined one of those “domestic terrorist” groups like the Tea Party. This massive database will be available to the FBI, CIA, the Department of Defense, and of course the White House. But snooping on Americans electronically isn’t enough for Obama. He’s ordered a fleet of “public safety” drones, estimated to reach 30,000, that are able to make sure all the conservative “domestic terrorists” are behaving themselves. All outfitted with the ability to intercept virtually any wireless electronic communication. All able to determine whether Americans are armed or not.
Welcome to Barack Hussein Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.
Source—western journalism, kris zane


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