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“There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.” –George Washington
Troubling news of massive government purchases of ammunition. Agencies from the Social Security Administration to the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Homeland Security have purchased millions of rounds. But is the whole thing more hype than substance? Obama has been selling guns and ammunition at a faster clip than any gun salesman could hope for. And since his re-election, citizens have been faced with severe shortages of both. (SSA, DHS, USDA,FBI) are just a few of them. Almost over 600 million rounds?? It is true that in 2011, the FBI ordered up to 100 million bullets for its 13,913 special agents (which works out to 7,187 per agent). And, yes, the Department of Homeland Security — a composite department that oversees USCIS, Customs and Border Protection, FEMA, ICE, the TSA, the Coast Guard, the Secret Service, and the National Protection Directorate — placed a request for up to 450 million rounds for its 65,000 armed personnel (which works out to 6,923 per agent). But in the real world, ammunition is not divided up and handed out on such a basis. What is bought is stockpiled and then allocated on the basis of need. The DHS’s order is expected to last for at least five years, and it was placed up front primarily as a cost-saving measure.” The Department of Education recently placed an order for “27 Remington Brand Model 870 police 12-gauge shotguns. “Whether it is in possession of one bullet or 1 million bullets, should the federal Department of Education be armed in the first place? Does the Social Security Administration really need an armed enforcement division? Mine Resistant Armor Protected (MRAP) vehicles. The truth is, DHS has had retrofitted MRAPs since 2008, and now has 16 of them for serving “high-risk warrants.” The figure of 2,717 comes from a delivery to the Marine Corps, not DHS. None of that, however, takes away from the problem that these are more properly military vehicles for war zones, not law enforcement tools. The militarization of law enforcement is undeniably troublesome. Furthermore, DHS is the same bureaucracy that claims right-wing extremists pose a threat.
The House passed a continuing resolution, It sets the spending level at $982 billion, $61 billion less than last year. The bill also allows the Pentagon a degree of flexibility in how its funds can be spent, in one instance cutting money from research and development to increase operations and maintenance. It extends the federal employee pay freeze currently in effect, which runs counter to Barack Obama’s executive order calling for a 0.5 percent hike. “The president got $650 billion of higher taxes on the American people on January the 1st. How much more does he want? When is the president going to address the spending side of this?” Of course, he needed a 20-car motorcade to drive six blocks to dinner, so the sequester didn’t hurt all that much.
Obama’s civilian budgeteers at DoD have cancelled all high profile appearances of military precision flying teams at air show events for the remainder of 2013. Should very publicly demand that Obama cancel all political and recreational junkets on Air Force One, including his upcoming Martha’s Vineyard golfing vacation. Each of these vacations and political junkets cost millions of dollars – they should demand that all senior administration officials use commercial transportation for official business rather than the large expensive fleet Boeing executive jets. “Air Force One is Obama’s biggest political platform, and no news organizations or commentators have associated the military cuts with the wasteful use of AF1.”
“Sequestration will impact everyone,” said Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), “but it will have a particularly harmful effect on communities of color who were hit first and worst by the great recession, and have yet to significantly feel the effects of the recovery. Federal budget cuts under sequestration would quickly mean cuts to federal, state and local public-sector jobs, which disproportionately employ women and African-Americans.” “African-Americans are more likely to work in the public sector, where the jobs are going to be cut. When Obama took office in 2009, the unemployment rate for blacks was 12.7 percent. It’s now hovering around 14 percent. As for the black teen jobless rate, it’s near 40 percent. If black Americans would re-examine their 9:1 voting preference for Democrats, Republicans might actually be able to alleviate this soul-crushing joblessness.
Feinstein’s (D-CA) “assault weapons” ban, One of the bills being considered is a bipartisan proposal “that would for the first time create specific federal prohibitions on gun trafficking and the straw purchasing of firearms,” according to the Associated Press. Recall that these were the same tactics used by the ATF in the infamously (and tragically) botched Fast and Furious sting operation. “States with the most gun control laws have the fewest gun-related deaths,” Dr. Eric Fleegler of Boston and published in JAMA Internal Medicine. However, Fleegler is an anti-gun activist and used data from the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, one of the most anti-gun organizations in the country. Also, though he considered all 50 states, he excluded the District of Columbia. “gun-related deaths” prevented by tougher gun laws are suicides, not homicides. In fact, the homicide rate was slightly higher in the 10 states with the most regulation. DC’s rate is nearly four times that of the rest of the country. Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE) front-and-center of Tuesday’s edition. PIRE’s study purports to show that gun violence cost $12 billion annually. Not surprisingly, financial help is given to the institute through a company tied to none other than far-left billionaire investor George Soros.
Gina McCarthy is on tap to run the EPA, and she’s fully prepared to continue pushing the president’s global warming agenda. Behind the agency’s draconian carbon emissions policies, which are responsible for bringing the coal industry to its knees. Forcing utilities to continue shutting down coal plants in turn for receiving so-called credits that could be sold to other coal plant operators so they can stay in business a little longer. All this amounts to an end run around Congress to install the “cap and tax” plan that died during Obama’s first term. Energy secretary, MIT physicist Ernest Moniz. Moniz participated in writing a 2010 report for the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, calling for $16 billion in annual taxpayer funding for renewable energy. Moniz is also a proponent of “energy demand management,” a euphemism for the government’s arbitrarily setting energy rates to drive customers toward particular energy suppliers and away from “undesirable” sources. Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the president’s nominee to head the Office of Management and Budget, We’re not sure why Obama has need of a budget director when he has no budget to direct.—FINALLY GOT A BUDGET!
Another 296,000 Americans left the labor force entirely in February, bringing the participation rate to a 32-year low of 63.5 percent. Congressional Budget Office are predicting 2013 will be a record year for federal revenue, finally surpassing the pre-recession record of $2.6 trillion set in 2007. All told, in 2013 the federal government is expected to take in $2.7 trillion for the first time. Of course, they will spend more than $3.5 trillion in that same time frame, sequester included.
There is a growing inequality in taxation — a disparity that Barack Obama made all the worse by his tax increases on couples earning more than $450,000 a year or single filers who eclipse the $400,000 mark. An Associated Press report found that wealthy taxpayers are paying a share of the tax burden rarely seen since 1979, the point when the AP chose to begin its research. As expected, those in the lowest quintile of income pay a negative tax burden; in other words, via the “Earned” Income Tax Credit, they’re net takers from actual taxpayers.
ObamaCare Exchange Regulations Finalized: of “free” federal money for Medicaid expansion, and while Republicans in the House are shirking their promise to defund ObamaCare, bureaucrats are behind the scenes writing the regulations that will dictate how insurance companies will operate in the brave new world of the so-called Affordable Care Act. The White House dropped some 700 pages of new regulations on an unsuspecting public. Three of the four rules dropped by HHS are final rules, while the fourth, concerning the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) slated to start in 2015, is a proposed rule. These regulations will “help to ensure every American has access to high-quality, affordable health insurance,” claims the Department of Health and Human Services. We may not have access to a doctor, and the insurance may not pay for certain procedures once we’re deemed unworthy of treatment — but at least we’ll have access to health insurance.
PIPELINE: Henry Waxman—“we don’t need this dirty oil”. Waxman and others on the Left claim it will harm the environment. The State Department disagrees. Last Friday, it issued a 2,000-page report outlining the “minimal environmental impact” Keystone would have on fish, water, vegetation, soil and endangered species. State put out a similar report in 2011. Yet neither report received much comment from the Obama administration or coverage from the Leftmedia. Between 700,000 and 830,000 barrels of oil to the U.S. each day as well as create 179,000 much-needed jobs. In the meantime, TransCanada and other equally perplexed Canadians wait for the green light. Eventually, if the delays persist, then Canada will move on to a more willing buyer, exactly as the administration is hoping.
DRONES: Cruz finally got Holder to shift from saying such drone use wouldn’t be “appropriate,” with all that word implies, to plainly saying that the federal government does not have constitutional authority to use lethal force against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil unless that citizen poses an imminent threat. Rand Paul wryly noted, “Barack Obama, in 2007, would be down here with me arguing against this [drone policy]. It amazes me and disappoints me how much he’s changed.” Paul eventually got an official answer: “Does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on an American soil?” Holder wrote. “The answer to that question is no.”
KOREA: John Kerry demonstrated his deep mastery of the obvious on Tuesday when he acknowledged Iran has moved closer to achieving nuclear capability over the past year. 2005-2008, and after Barack Obama himself tried since taking office in 2009, suddenly he recognizes the threat and really means to do something about it. Joe Biden assured the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee on Monday that the president “is not bluffing” and “all options, including military force, are on the table.”
Two Iranian warships entered the Chinese port of Zhanjiang, A December visit by two Russian warships to Iran’s main naval base at Bandar Abbas. These goodwill visits don’t bode well for the White House’s attempt to sway Iran’s behavior.
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